ST Character Usage & Matchup Statistics

Some of you ST junkies should find this data interesting.

[]A list of top players takes on specific character matchups, compiled by nohoho (
]Dynamic character usage and matchup charts generated using all match data on 2DF FreePlay, on a global and per player level ( - click player name to view statistical charts based on that player’s performance.

  • 2DF matchup charts best viewed in IE, as it supports vertical text to minimize horizontal spacing.

This is nice to notice on the custom table which are the hardest matches after a while

That is just awesome info to have. If only there was a way to combine your awesomeness with the ST players from GGPO, we’d have it made.

Or use your stuff in HDR somehow.

No O. Hawk or N. Sagat? I know nobody in the US really plays the latter, but his match-ups are pretty different.

Wow, pretty cool Damdai thanks!

I’m interested since I use new sagat, I guess for them it can’t be helped but look at the following table (which is a bit more accurate in some cases imho)

This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you.

That chart is theoritical based on top level play. The 2DF chart is based on real life factual data across a wide range of skill levels. The chart would certainly change as the weaker players were taken out of the equation. I will look into adding a chart consisting of the best players for each character.

great info thanks

Wow, it’s amazing how strong Honda is on 2DF and how weak Sim is.

That’s because you can kick ass with Honda with relatively low execution and knowledge and his worst matchups are only bad at mid high / high levels (people who really know how to counter him and can do it consistently).

Dhalsim on the other hand requires much more knowledge (spacing, when and how to use his AAs, etc), and using his normals effectively (long and short ranges) requires a fair amount of skill, so he is a much harder character to win with even when he is a much better / well rounded character at high levels.

This feature would be nice to have on XBL SF4.

I put a suggestion in the Capcom forums for it. Hopefully someone reads it.

what version is this for? cause you know there is like a 2 frame difference in some games and dont forget if a converter is used that can add another frame which severely may disadvantage someone :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Yeah it’d be really nice to at least have stats for O. Sagat, O. Ken, and O. Hawk, and I use O. Honda and O. Fei a lot too so I’d like to see stats on them.

Good stuff, though.

The stats are actually for new and old characters combined. I don’t currently have a method of differentiating between the 2.

They needs to seperate by rank of player instead of throwing everybody together into one statistical pool. I’d think that if someone compliled this data for evo tournaments vs casual online play, the stats would look different. It would look different still if only EVO’s final 16 were counted.

For example in HF (my best version), Bison and Honda are newb killers, but can fall short vs. elite players.

As I stated above…

my biggest question is specifically directed to sirlin.

how the hell do yuo give blanka the 7-3 advantage vs. claw.

what the hell is so hard about charging down back and pressing low strong?

Then use PM.

Against Gief, sure, that’s enough. Blanka actually has mobility Gief doesn’t have, with slides, hops, and air to airs that can stuff Bega. Once Blanka is on you, its damn near impossible to get him off, and the damage he does for the short time he’s in and biting your face is far more than you got sitting on your tukis. A little bit of footsie play so Blanka can jab roll->bite, slide or trip your poke, or cross up jump, and he wins.

I’m just damned surprised Cammy got a 2 against Honda. Seems high, that matchup sucks so bad.

actually mashing low strong against gief will get you raped. gief can jump over one and fuck you or easily nail a low strong with his own low roundhouse then kill you.

blanka on the other hand cannot.

low strong happens to beat slide, beat hop, beat blanka ball, beat low roundhouse, beat his low fierce, his low forward. And this is why you hold downback while mashing it. the only way blanka can get in to fuck you up is to cross you up. Cause claw’s flip kicks > all of blankas jump ins. But in order to cross you up, blanka must be on the inside of your low strong range.

If people played this matchup right it’s a clean 9-1 win.