ST at EVO 2015

anything going on?


All them imitators.

AFAIK just casuals and maybe a salty suite.

Damn this is coming up soon and nobodys talking about itvno hype like last year

Just going to leave this here. I’ll make a new post on it as well.!evo2015/c13ny

Seems like there won’t be any Japanese players this year, or at least I haven’t heard any word about them attending.

Sorry I haven’t updated this thread, but the vast majority of ST conversation and promotion is happening on facebook and twitter nowadays.

We will be having two Japanese players in attendance this year: Kusumondo and Baby Nine. Both very strong Honda players.

I heavily recommend you subscribe to, or follow the No Honor Crew facebook group, or strevival’s twitter feed.

Word, i have been following strevival. i think both the no honor crew group and the facebook attendance page are set to private. the website tells me its not available.

Yeah, I tried setting both of those to public, but facebook won’t let me. It has really poor functionality when it comes to editing things. Just add me on FB and i’ll get you an invite on both.

Any word on a dedicated stream? I really want to catch all this top Honda action. Sorry, I don’t have a facebook or twitter, maybe I’ll cave at some point.

Yeah hopefully it won’t be streamed over a phone this time. That was horrible. Or if it has to be, hopefully a backup higher quality video can be uploaded at a later date.

I’d for sure settle for high quality recording, especially since I’ll be at work/in traffic for Friday’s single’s tourney.

Details on a dedicated stream are being worked out, and I’ll post up whenever it becomes hard confirmed and is official.

As far as last year’s stream goes, it was an issue primarily because of the video/audio setup used on the cabs. It’s one of the many reasons why using travelling cabs for a tournament setup is such a pain in the ass, even though playing on cabs is super awesome. We won’t have such issues this time around, as we’re using Undamned superguns along with a Kurostick if the players want to use that. It is literally x2 or x3 easier to work with at a tournament setting.

Recordings are also being discussed for the Saturday events this year. So if all goes according to plan, we’ll have coverage of the vast majority of matches for both Friday and Saturday events.

Any other stream for ST than MadCatz?

So, how’d it go?

Results for both Singles and Teams 2v2:

Pre-Top8 Singles matches as well as Teams matches have been recorded and will be uploaded to YouTube later. I’ll post here when they do. For now, here’s Top 8 Singles on Friday:

List of teams:

Should have Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (not Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001) and Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge at EVO 2016