ST at Evo 2015?

Hey guys,

So is this happening again? Did Bob Painter pass the torch to someone else? WHATS HAPPENING.


Edit: AFAIK, they are still working on the details. It is way too soon to know who will come, but someone will. It looks like Mattsun wants more X-Mania USA and Europe editions.

This sounds cool, but considering badges and whatnot are already being sold I just wanted to make sure.

We will have an ST Suite at Evo this year at the venue. So there will definitely be ST in some capacity at Evo this year, most likely on superguns hooked up to CRTs.

As far as an official tournament goes, we’re most likely going to have a small tournament up in the ST Rooms, casuals, exhibitions, team tourneys, special events, basically whatever the guys up there want to do. There will be a cost to enter and play in the Suite to help offset the high room costs, and I’ll post that information when it’s finalized.

Unfortunately, Wizard doesn’t seem to be as gung-ho to have ST return on the ballroom floor this year, but I’ll still continue the dialogue with him to see if we can work something out.

Thanks for the update.

IMO at some point, all these “old fighting games” and their respective communities should band together and make separate events. It kills me that games like ST and MvC2 struggle to find somewhere to setup while 3,000 smash players get to compete in their goofy ass games as part of the main lineup. ST had a great set up last year, but MvC2 was in the corner of the ballroom and almost got shut down twice by Mr. Wizard. Maybe I’m just old and bitter but piggybacking off larger events ends up being WACK.

I agree. I think there is definitely a need for legacy fighting games to come together and produce their own event, especially as a majority of major TOs seem less interested in supported these games at a scale beyond just “sure, take up space in the BYOC.” 37 Reloaded was a success here in socal, holding a variety of old school games, and the NYC scene does a great job with the 2old2furious series.

A big part of it is that there’s relatively few interested people who want to make these old games a bigger thing. A vast majority of these communities don’t mind just showing up to play casuals at some dude’s house. Very few people are even INTERESTED in doing it, let alone mind putting in the work to make it a reality. It’s a tough draw.

Yay! Yaaaay!!!