St, 3s style. Any takers for such a game?

I wonder. has anyone else wanted to make ST into a 3s style game via MUGEN or some other creator like fighter maker? I think it would be kinda neat, especially since we have both 3s versions (Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Chun.)and 4 versions (Fei, Cammy, Geif, Blanka, Honda, Dee Jay, Bison, Vega, 'Gat, Balrog, and Thunder Hawk.) to base the characters on. Now, It’s a given that many of the characters (like Sagat and Blanka.) would have to go through MAJOR redesigns in order to be viable- which was one of the reasons for the new chars. in 3 in the 1st place, which were made of workable elements of previous characters. For example, Urien is clearly based on Sagat, with his muscular form and his multiple types of fireballs. Hugo is a redone Gief. Necro is a combination of dhalsim and blanka. Dudley is 'Rog after a dental, serious plastic surgery, corrective manners training and boxing lessons, etc. anyway, I’d like to see this come to be, even if the chars have to go through some BIG changes. Speaking of changes, Who’d like to see Gou or dan Hibiki and Gouken in the game? Haha. Actually fighting Sheng-Long if yer good or Dan if you continued 29 times. That would be neat.

Differences from 3s:
Fireballs have okay, as opposed to crap priority.
No Yun or anything like that… Seriously vism is not cool in ST.
I do not wanna see a crap tier guile character!!

Differences from ST:
Better Graphics
Kara throws, exs… All that.
Remixed stages, Music, Some different Char Designs.

Critical Redesigns:
Sagat: His fireball would have to be kinda toned down a bit, and His playstyle would have to be much more creative, sort of like a real Muay Thai boxer… Reference 3s Ryu.

Ryu- (Slightly?) Better fireballs than in 3s.

Gief: No banishing flat, Faster throw, lariat does multiple hits, possible to “ex lariat”?

Guile: Faster Booms and flips with less charge time. Multiple hit or more stun Ex booms. Slightly Different visual look.

Blanka: Something would have to replace Roll. But what? Either that, or we make it like Makoto’s dash punch. Jungle jump would be a taunt… Either That or his buttscratch.
Supers= Super Electric shock… Any other Ideas?

Fei Long- Like sf4. Maybe we can give him his chicken wing back? It would have to be faster though, so maybe the 4 version.

Rog- Like a vicious, less refined dudley.

Chun- Like sort of a mix btw 3s and 4. Move changes- st style SBK.

Please Help me out Here.

Best troll ever?

Um, I’m not trolling, it’s just a weird idea I have. I’ll move it to general fighting discussion if you want.

People hold ST as sacrosanct, and any suggestion to modify it will be held in contempt…


There was this one time on GGPO and I said HDR is blasphemy. Wolfe agreed. :rofl:


There was this one time on GGPO I said HDR is blasphemy. Wolfe agreed. :rofl:

Ok fine, I’ll move it.