SSIV TE Stick Help

Ok guys, I apologize in advance for opening a new thread for this.

I want to mod this stick:

But most (all?) of the stick mod threads I can find (for now) talk only about the SE or the sticks with the side panels. Here’s what I want to change:

1- I want to change the art. My question here is, how do I go about this? I mean, what material is that, and how do I get my art printed on this, holes properly drilled, and correctly mounted?

2- I want to swap my joystick out. I’m not sure if I need to swap the whole thing… I mean i know i can just buy some parts to replace, but which parts should I replace. I remember reading somewhere on here to buy a new spring and another part, but I don’t remember what part that is, or if I need any other parts.

3- My cord is shorting out. Is there a place I can buy a new one? And if so, how do I replace it. The short is due to the cord being pulled out a little too hard by my son. I took it apart and placed the cord inside so that it stayed in a position that worked, but It comes loose every now and then, so i would like to replace it. I havent’ found anything on SRK or otherwise about this cord…

  1. Is it possible to put art on the back or on the sides of this stick? if so, how?

I will keep looking for answers in the tech forum and if anyone knows links that can help me out that would be great too.

Again sorry for making a new thread if it was unecessary…

  1. There’s threads explaining in detail how to do this.

The template you want is the TE-S template found here

You have multiple options.
You can get it printed on lami-label or whatever it’s called at Kinko’s now and cut it out with an X-acto knife. - Cheap, okay quality.
You can get it printed at gameongrafix - Expensive, fantastic quality.
Or you can pay Art from Art’s Hobbies to print it and do the cut outs for you but you’ll also need to purchase a plexi top. - Pricy but if you’re planning on getting bottom panel art you may want to just go all out.

  1. To what joystick? The three main choices that are pretty much plug and play are the Sanwa JLF (The one you already have) the Seimitsu LS-32-01 or the Seimitsu LS-56-01. Or do you just want to change the gate/spring in the JLF?

  2. I haven’t used a TE-S stick and I think the PCBs are a little different so I leave that to someone else. But I think you could just solder on any USB cord and tie a knot so it can’t be pulled out. Or go neutrik route and make a detachable cord.

  3. For bottom panel art, Art has you covered. You can also get art around the start and select buttons. Side panel art would have to be done by yourself.

Wow thank you soooooo much! This is all awesome!

In response to 2, i think i just wanted to swap the gate and spring out. I’m not sure if I needed to get anything else. The stick is about 14 months old and has had some really heavy use. I have a friend who bought a new one and let me play on it and… wow… big difference. So i figured I should have something replaced/fixed.

You could just get a new JLF spring from along with a different gate if you want.

If you want to change up the tension to something a little more stiff you could grab an LS-32 spring (or was it LS-33?) or an LS-55 spring if you want it even stiffer.

For repair USB cable:

Side art is something I haven’t seen done. You could get lamilabel for that, though.

LS-33 spring can go inside of JLF spring
LS-32 spring can go around the JLF spring.

Most people use the LS-33 with JLF. They do like this.

Hmm I’m working on this now… Does anyone know if there’s anything else I need to get to make my stick feel new again? I’m going to try an LS-33 spring and an LS-55 spring. I couldve sword that someone said somewhere that you have to replace 2 things to make your stick feel like new again… anyone know what the other part was?

You could purchase a new PCB, but rick now Lizard Lick has them out of stock:

If you are brave, you can individually replace the ones that are on your current PCB:

What would a new PCB do? I think i saw them somewhere else… i’ll look around…

I have a spare TP-MA PCB, never used, if you’d like to buy.

The TP-MA PCB is what has all the microswitches that go out to the 5-pin harness of the joystick. It’s what clicks when you push it in any direction, and the switches can get worn down over time. Besides the spring, it’s about the only part that sees a lot of use and wear and tear from being moved around. The stuff like the shaft and the main body don’t really see a lot of action, so they tend to last longer.

Ok guys I did everything i needed to for the stick so far. I replaced the buttons, the joystick and add the 3S-33 Spring. Its a little stiff but I love it! My execution has never been better. Now i just wanted to change art.

Before I go to Arts, I want to print it out for myself and see it on the stick. Doesn’t need to be perfect quality, but I need to see how it looks. How do I go about this? Arts PSD that I used is HUGE and it looks way bigger than my TE-S. Do i just do a rough measurement and and print it like that? Seems like it woudln’t work… How do you guys handle printing from kinkos or whatever?

Again, i’ll look around to see if I can find anything but i’ve been looking for some time and i havent’ found the answers…

Thanks in advance (again).

The PSD looks huge because it’s a very high res file - intended for print media. It prints out actual size.

ahhhhhh i see. i was wondering why in PS it was huge, but when I fitted my art to the template it was high res but was something like 15" by 10" or whatever. Gotcha . Thanks a lot!

Just go to your local office supply store (We have an OfficeMax) that offers printing. Get it on a large piece of paper. I get mine on large pieces of glossy cardstock, and it’s under $1.50 a piece on the fancy glossy cardstock, which would be perfect cut out and given a plexi cover. Don’t have to pay extra for the fancy paper, though. You can probably get it cheaper on regular paper if you just want to proof it.

But arthong’s are laser cut to precision, and they’re nice if you are terrible at cutting. Also perfectly cut if you plan on putting art in the buttons.

Yeah it has to be that size for your artwork to print out with good quality, if it was smaller, your print would look quite shabby after you got it back from the shop.

Don’t forget to post your finished stick when you’re done :wink:

Will do. Thanks for all your help guys!

Quick question, Does the thickness of the plexi affect the feel of the stick? art’s are 1/16 thick, which seems kind of thick to me. won’t it crack trying to put the buttons back in?

Not normally. Not unless the button holes are place together too closely or you over tighten a top panel screw.
And button holes are properly spaced on the provided pre-made layouts. It would be Custom layouts that that could run that risk.

I have a Tek-case top plexy for a TE. That panel is pretty durable, don’t go over tightening screws or dropping the controller on its joystick.
For normal play the plexy top is fine, its if you pound on the panel very hard that the stick might break.

Thanks, Darksakul. That was the main deciding factor with going for plexi or lami. Looks like I’m going with plexi from Art’s Hobbies.