SSFIV4 - Getting into Fei Long

Hello everyone, pleased to meet you!

Im not new to Street Fighter, but I never took the game seriously before, now I wanna get better… I’ve decided to stop playing casually and take it to the next level.
Characters I want to main are first Fei Long and second Akuma.

Im looking all over the site, youtube and other places for valuable information.
I also bought the Brady Games paperback guide for SSFIV, but since AE already came out, I wonder if it’s still useful?

I noticed Fei’s not as easy to play as the shotos, it might have a higher learning curve, but what drove me into him was the amazing rush down capabilities you can reach.

Im kind of having a hard time learning him, but Im not willing to give up, is there any advice in particular you could give to a scrubby Fei Long wanna be player like me?


Ok all i have to say is that, Fei Long might not be your character. I know it’s cheesy but the character kinda picks you. you can play around with yun and yang all you like but if you enjoy sitting in the corner and playing safe, then guile’s your man.

And no m8 that SSFF guide is kinda useless, Fei long got an insane amount off buffs. fiddle wit all the characters with the time and effort you can learn anybody, i have friends who have learnt Gen, and ibuki some of the hardest most technical characters in the game with out ANY fighting game experience.

Fei Long is not a rushdown character, he received a lot of buffs and a few nerfs along the way but his gameplan has always remained unchanged. Just read this.