SSFIV confirmed as stand-alone, not DLC

Good, I hate downloading things!

Edit: Oh, and to the guy who left me a comment calling me a “fucking dumbass,” you’re a mouthy punk who needs to back off with the nerd-rage. Nobody thinks you’re cool, and you’re probably the kind of person that wouldn’t fight someone in real life, so you vent here. Grow a pair and stop hiding in the comments.

Thanks for letting us know man…I would’ve been mad confused.

its at a reduced price too…still it wont stave off the category 5 shit storm from those who think everything has to be DLC.

I don’t understand why anybody thought it would be DLC. Its a new game, not a patch.

My bet is because half of the kids on the internet weren’t born until SFIII came out, and don’t remember all the revisions SFII got.

I’m getting super hyped for this game. All I really want is balance, I know that there are always going to be odd match-ups, but SF4 was pretty one-sided as to who got bad match-ups and who didn’t. But in the end my money is going to this one way or another.

Hey, I see that you can indeed read. Let me ask you a question:

Did you scroll down and see the already existing threads in FGD about the new SFIV? Or what about the WHOLE DAMN SFIV board that already has threads about this? On a Street Fighter site with over 89 thousand members, you honestly thought NO ONE but YOU knew about this?

Oh, a condescending nerd on the internet. If I’d known you were such a bad-ass I’d have asked to be your friend. You really are impressive. Get a life you fucking loser. It’s a forum, not a sarcasm convention. You’re not contributing anything but hate.

Oh snap. He’s got JOKES in addition to his valuable information.

Haha, I guess he decided the joke was in poor taste, and edited.

and yet you contribute irrelevant and old news threads…hm.
Are you afraid of the search button, or just fuckin lazy?

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Your username fails, it’s duck not dueck ya moron… jeez did you type it with a harsh canadian accent or sumthin’ :tdown:

You obviously don’t know much about SRK and the existing fighting game community.

Just a heads-up, its a community of a bunch of gangsta ass dudes who will stomp you into the dirt. Then slap you with their wallets. Then their knowledge about shit other than just SF.

Real talk.

LOL Nerd? Are you serious? What are you doing here then? Don’t tell me you’re here for video games like us nerds with no lives.

You still didn’t answer my question guy with a life. Did you not see the threads and the SFIV board that already have the info you posted? Or is your “life” so cool and amazing that it never crossed your mind?

Also I was the guy who negged you calling you a fucking dumbass for starting a thread that already exists. What of it? You gonna call me nerd with no life?

Lol at the hatred in this thread. Its so thick I can taste it. Mmmmmm yes, delicious.

I see what you did there…

How many fucking SSF4 threads does that make it now? 12?

Nice ninja edit OP :rofl:

fuckin’ nerds