SSFIV Casuals at Play N Trade Orland Hills

so after they hosted the tournament i talked to the manager and discussed coming in for casuals. he said it was cool, and last tues i had a couple of friends, including the guy that beat me in the finals (ggs) meet me up there and we had a good 4 hour session. thing is they only had one xbox hooked up, and they have 7 flatscreens, if you can bring your console, please do, so nobody has to wait to play.

depending on how this goes, i may organize monthly ranbats, with giftcards as prizes (playntrade cannot give real money for prizes)

PM me with questions

Super Street Fighter 4
Friday, May 21st
Meet Time: 5:00 PM
Console: There will be at least two xbox360s–bring your ps3s and xboxes!

Play N Trade
9291 159th Street
Orland Hills