SSFIV - Arcade Sticks Question

Hi Guys,

I bought a Mad Catz “Street Fighter IV TE Round 2” Arcade Stick a couple of days ago online before realising that the S-Type TE Stick was now available.

I was kinda dissapointed as I felt that I had ordered an inferior stick to the S-Type. Was just wondering if my stick is actually worse than the S-Type and if I should order an S-Type.

Thanks :smile:

Yea it’s def subpar to the S-type, if you wanna get rid of it i’ll glady take it off your hands. If not i’d just throw it out.

yeah, those original TE-style sticks sure are inferior. totally.

it has the exact same components except it comes in a newer box

its only inferior because its not a hori

Straight answer, its not inferior, its simply thicker. Keep it, its an arcade stick. They do not become obsolete.

It is just looks.
There is no difference.

Okay, so the TE S also locks Start Back/Select when Guide/Home Lock.
TE before TE S not do that.

Okay, so the TE S has solder point for Guide move one pin over on the PCB.
TE before TE S did not do that.

Lol. Thanks for the replies everyone. Guess I’ll keep it after all :smile: