SSFIV and Blazblue Button Pins

Limited to production right now to test the waters. I debuted these at Devastation with some good results. These are 1" buttons. $3 each pin. Order a set of 5 pins (Blazblue or SSFIV) or more and receive free shipping to the connecting 48 states. Otherwise shipping is an additional $2 (+$1 if you’re international or surrounding territories). My paypal ID is “”.

When ordering, please provide me with the necessary information.
SRK Name:
Contact Phone Number:

So far for Blazblue characters, there is Taokaka, Jin, Rachel, Noel, and Litch.
SSFIV characters include Ibuki, Sakura, Chun Li, Makoto, C. Viper, Ryu and Ken.

*Items shipped
Francys Pai

Items shipped.

I just saw these D: Are they no longer available?

They are still available. All orders shipped.

This weeks shipped out =)

Got all of mine! They’re so cuuuuuute! <3 I must beg you for Vega, Bison and Nu if you do a second series XD

And I’ve been trying for the life of me to figure out the dA tag on those images XD

Thank you. I may just take you up on that suggestion. Keep you updated =)

Still have some left over before I make the next batch.

Guile and Hakumen!! Please make em happen =] Count me as bought whenever you do.

I forgot to have these up at So Cal Regionals. They’re still available. Get’em while they’re hot!

are these a limited run or supply and demand?

You aren’t selling the JDM pins?

He doesn’t have them anymore.
I bought half of the total made.
He sold the rest.

Yes very limited. So get while the getting is good =)

I want Chun & Rachel, one each for sure. I have to sell something to get the few dollars in my paypal account, but will 100% buy.