SSFIV AE PC - Any idea where I can download the 2012 patch without getting it through GFWL?

Hi all. I’ve been looking around for the executable 2012 patch for SSFIV AE PC. The reason why I want the patch is because I want to have it stored on my PC so that whenever I need to reinstall SSFIV AE, I can just run the update straight away without GFWL downloading it so would anyone know where I can download the patch to keep? Thanks.

Honestly, I have searched myself as well, I can’t find it anywhere either. If I know Microsoft as well as I do, they won’t make the patch publicly available to just download at will, as it would make pirating more “viable” since you wouldn’t be trapped on vanilla, otherwise known as the shipped version.

Leprekaun you have a pm.