good games to everyone i played yesterday.

Ask and you shall recive !!!

You rang

good games to everyone i played today even tho just ryu and ken still fun as hell

umm noobie question but its out already??? how can i get it?

Good games to all the new peeps on my friends list, this game is going to be massive.

GOOD GAMES SCOOT, XELLOS and some random guy

go buy wotb:commando hd in XBLA, then go into the menu and theres a free download.

ggs to everyone ive played so far. when this game isnt locking up on me its pretty good.

I cant seem to play anyone it just keeps locking up. Is anyone else having that problem.

Yea, it constantly locks up on me as well. Only time it doesn’t lock up is when you do the tourny’s thats about it.

Everybody is having those issues it seems.

GGs to The Mullah, who kicked my ass all over the place.

yeah, thats pretty fucking retarded. i had to reset my xbox every single time i tried to play someone. after 6-7 times, i just shut the damn thing off.

O.k I did not d/L the game but, hows the LAG on it does it plays

GGs to everyone I’ve played thus far.

GG’s Manix and Leraldo last night nice to talk to you manix had been a while :stuck_out_tongue:

GGs everyone


There is rarely lag. Every once in a while you’ll get someone with a horrible connection but even then it’s still playable. All in all a fucking fantastic game :tup:

Good games to everyone I’ve played so far.

sorry I couldn’t join your game invites dude, I was trying but every time I try to join my game would freeze.

just puttin it out there ever since I set my display to widescreen mode the game hasent froze once Ive been hostin and joining perfectly.