Ssf4ae2012 psn competition

where did all the comp on psn go? i joined this scene late, am learning the game at an incredibly fast rate but it seems like there’s a shortage of decent players (at least on psn) where does one have to go to find good people to play?

Sounds like you might want to edit your search criteria :slight_smile: just saying

hit up endless lobbies with PP range, or come join us at UYG (search for UYG_Livestream lobby)
if you’re not finding good competition you’re looking in the wrong places, ranked play is pretty solid once you start getting up to the 4K PP’s

Xbox live.

Read the gamertag and I’ll fix your perception of PSN comp.

^strong words

what i like to see

I know a lot of PSNers moved to PC since its less laggy, lots are still playing AE there, but PC has to wait longer for 2012. Should be pretty good play once it drops though.

You got that damned right. I left PSN the day PC opened up.

I just recently returned back to PSN yesterday though, and it was still disappointing. The lag, the input delay, and the competition is stagnant. It hasn’t gotten any better since SSF4 days in 2010.

Yea, PC is sweet online, heres hoping windows 8 brings xbox and PC together as one community. Until then, I will enjoy the growing PC scene as is.