SSF4 TE-S not powering on

I have a street fighter 4 te-s and when I plug it in, it flashes briefly then nothing happens, not on pc, Xbox or any other Xbox.

Any help appreciated. I already opened it to see if there are any loose wires, and none.


It could be a damaged USB cord.

So can I somehow swap it out by gutting an Xbox 360 controller?

You could but that be kinda extreme. You need to test the USB cord for breaks, then any USB cord as long as it has the end that fits into your system (USB type A male)
The B side does not matter.

How would I do that?

You need to get a multimeter (or other continuity tester) and test for if electricity would pass through each of the 4 wires in a USB cord
If one of the 4 wires do not conduct electricity the USB cord is damage and will not work.

Well then what’s the other possible thing wrong with it? If there’s no other obvious reason for it to not be working, I might as well go replace it initially rather than investing in the electricity tool.

If you going any further a multimeter is a good investment anyways. They are about $10 to $15 at Radio Shack.
The cheap work around is a LED light, some wires and some batteries and make a crude continuity tester.