SSF4 Saves and DLC

I searched around but couldnt find any real answer to my question…

I have all of the DLC, my saved game and my profile on a USB drive. I play at a lot of different places so I like to always have the stuff with me.

Now, my profile always loads fine, my saved games seen to load fine, but when the game “checks for DLC content” it always tells me there is a problem loading it.

I have checked the USB in memory management and the files are all there. On my home console, if I disconnect from live, then it does the same thing.

Does the console really need to be connected to the internet to load DLC? I can understand that for the tournament mode stuff, but for costumes? Thats kind of lame.

It would really suck if arcade edition comes out as a DLC upgrade, but none of its features/characters work unless you are actively online.

Redownload the DLC on that machine. That (re)activates the DLC license.

When you buy DLC for any game, you get two licenses. These are:

  1. A Gamertag license that is associated with your account. This allows you to take the DLC to another console. Being online allows you to use this license.
  2. A console license. This license allows you to use the DLC offline on your home console.

If you bought your DLC at a friends house, then they’ve got your license. (This is often exploited to “share” DLC). If you’ve switched Xboxes, you’ll want to go to and find the “License Transfer” section. This will put all of your current console licenses on your current console (or whatever console your gamertag signs into). Try redownloading your DLC onto your home console, then copy it to your USB device again.

This may or may not be plausible for you, but I play on a multitude of XBox 360’s as well. I carry my Live ID and saved games only on the USB key. Otherwise most of my friends don’t give a damn if I use space on their HDDs to download (not purchase) the DLC while I’m logged in as me with the USB key.

So whenever I stick my key into an XBox, the DLC is activated because it’s downloaded already locally on that machine.