SSf4 players in san luis obispo,ca

So I havent had an xbox since vanilla but i lurk these forums and post once in a while. I have been reading everything on Super and although I wont be able to get a 360 for probably a month or so, I am down to learn from some San Luis players (if theres a scene here for it). I just moved to SLO and i figured SOMEONE on SRK would live out here. PM me or reply to this thread if you are interested in making a new friend and having someone to play SSF4 against!

P.S. I play alot of characters but my core chars are bison/adon/sagat

damn… 5 years too late… i got the hell outta Cal Poly as soon as i could

I’m moving to SLO in September. I’ll be living on Campus at Cal Poly and I’m trying to find people to play with. Is there a real SLO thread?

bringing this thread back from the dead, maybe you guys are still there! i am in SLO, trying to find people to play AE, kof13, umvc3, sfxt, basically any fighting game lol

Do you guys still go to calpoly or live around here? I play sf4 a bunch and need other people to play against

Anyone play umvc3 in slo still? been trying to find fgc for awhile, ran into smash players so i’m hoping to find umvc3 players now too