SSF4 -- Meaty Attacks Create More Distance?

I was fooling around in practice mode the other day, trying to meaty Ibuki’s crouching strong. When it was blocked, I could sometimes kara her standing forward into a throw, but other times after it was blocked, I would be too far away. It seemed like if I threw the attack out later, it created less space, and if I meatied it properly, it would create more space between the characters. I was wondering if this is actually what is happening (hard to tell when it’s a difference of 1/10th of a second or less) or if it was something else? And if it is, why does the engine do that?

When characters stand up they push the other player back a bit. Knock someone down and watch(balrog is notorious for this). I think this may have something to do with it.

Meatys? lololol Mash that shit homie

:woot: I did not met this problem, i have no idea…

I do not think this is the problem I was having, though it might be an issue with some characters. If I knocked Ibuki down (I mirror whatever character I’m using, unless I’m practicing something character specific) and then hit just after she got up, but without meatying it, I did not get pushed back as far.