SSF4 Life or Death?

What do you guys/girls think will happen to SSF4 in 2011/2012?
Do you think the community will stick with SSF4?
Will “YOU” buy any SSF4 DLC in 2010/2011?

note - SSF4 was released April 27, 2010 (almost 4 months ago)
Arcade release date - December 2010
New Chars/Costumes announced

(Super) Street Fighter 4


Blazblue CS, Arcana Hearts 3, King Of Fighters 13, Street Fighter 3OE,
Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, Tekken 7, Street Fighter x Tekken,
Tekken x Street Fighter, Soul Calibur 5, Darkstalkers 4

11 to 1. . . I vote DEATH


If you combined the everybody that took the rest of those games seriously (or would take seriously), I’d be very surprised if the grand total was even one third of the number of serious SSF4 players.

(BB has maybe a couple hundred, and we all suck)

oops. ill delete SSF4 discussion thread