(SSF4) Fight Stick Help

Hey i just recently started playing Hardcore and I’m trying to get a Stick

Main issue is I dont have reliable source of income or I’d buy a Hori and upgrade it…I know what I want…I just cant afford it

I play on my friends Hori most of the time but wanted to get my own.

But I was at Gamestop and they have a Tekken 6 Bundle, with a Wireless Stick for only 60$

I realize that Being wireless is a problem alreayd because of the lag it produces but for just playing at home or with friends, is it a decent enough stick to hold me until i can get the money for a Real stick?

Oh and for future reference is there a Stick or a way to Mod a stcik to where i can be used n both PS3 and 360?

one last question - what is the difference between a Sanwa OBSF-24-O Button and a Sanwa OBSN-30??

Do not get wireless products.

Hold off and buy TE when they are on a offer.

You know you can dual mod sticks, it is a silly question.

If you want a real stick get the parts, follow the guides in tech and make a custom.

I bought the Tekken 6 bundle from my local Gamestop a few weeks ago. The game is awesome, and so is the art book that comes with it, but the Hori stick…it’s not so great.

It is wireless, sure, but the overall quality just isn’t there. I have a MadCatz SE stick and it’s much better all around. Look around at how much the tournament guys hate on the SE stick…there’s your answer.

It’s not unplayable, but there are issues. It’s very light weight, it feels like hollow plastic compared to the sturdiness of the MadCatz and the button layout isn’t even correct for standard Tekken playing. The joystick is stiffer than the MadCatz and the buttons are a lot more “clicky”, if that makes sense.

Right now Wal-Mart is selling a bundle with the vanilla SF4 with the MadCatz SE for $29.99. I would highly suggest going with that.

I’m not a modder, but I know you can wire sticks to work on both consoles and the PC. Look in the tech forums here for specifics.

Get a TE. Better and cheaper than a Hori and easier to mod. You can get one for around $100 including free shipping. The investment is totally worth it. I started off with an SE and got a TE as soon as I could.

Of course I’m biased though. I don’t like Horis.

Like Armac said the $30 SE is way better. You can mod it with Sanwa parts pretty easily too, even if you’ve never had any experience. But the SE is still pretty small and the quality of the case can’t really be fixed.

If you are fairly sure you are going to be playing fighting games for a couple years I would say buy a TE. I guarantee you won’t regret it. It is an amazing stick.

I can’t for the life of me find a TE for under 130 for the ps3, can you give me a link where you found it for 100?


The Tech Talk forum basically will always tell you what deals are out there for TEs currently.

If you’re at all interested in the T6 wireless, there really is only 2 concerns you really need to take into consideration and that is the console you’ll be using it for and the weight of the stick itself. While there are other concerns, these two stick out the most.

If you are planning to use the T6W for Ps3, don’t get it period. The dongle usb cuts off and on randomly during play making any figthing game unplayable.

2ndly, you need to understand that this stick is about 1/4 the weight of the madcatz SE.

I own a TE and an SE. My buddy Josh owns both the 360 ver and ps3 ver of thr t6w so I’be personally had my hands on both of them. Right away, you should understand that this can’t compete with a TE so don’t even bother. Another interesting question you need to ask yourself is if you’re planning on modding your stick. If you are, disregard the T6W completely. It’s not like you can’t mod the T6W but it is a lot more hectic.

If you plan on using the stock parts and you’re playing on 360, get the T6W. I’m almost 100% sure that you can’t dual mid the T6W but I could be wrong.

I’m no tech guru either so the next thing im about to tell you is an opinion based off the feel of the joystick on the T6W as I have not opened it. It feels like a 8 way octoganol gate which makes ultras and qcf motions very easy. Its a medium resistance joystick so its a little tougher to dash. A LITTLE. It’s not like you need to be super human to dash and its way less stiff than any American parts.

The SE uses a sqaure gate and its stiff as hell but its a low resistance stick making dashing easier.

The buttons on the T6W are a trillion times better than any SE. The SE buttons feel like they’ll break everytime you press them.

The T6W also has a little more room for your hands so it feels more like true stick but like I said before, it isn’t even close to a stick thats full sanwa or seimitsu.

So summing it up, if you play on a 360 and don’t plan on modding (you can mod it if you really want to but it requiers extensive stick modding knowledge) and want a good stick right out of package, without a doubt, I’d choose theT6W.

If you play on ps3 or 360 and you plan to mod this stick as soon as possible, hands down, get an SE. If you mod your SE it will less expensive than it would to buy a TE and it will be as good as any TE. After modding, I would still prefer the TE because of the extra room and I would have a place to store my cables.

Hope this helped you ~

I love you

thanks for all the help guys

the T6 stick is light & it sucks!