SSF4 Character List

So I didn’t see a thread like this yet, but the intention of the thread is to list what characters people may want to main or play with when super hits. The aim is to get the most diverse collection of characters and character experience so that there will be high level play for a least most of the cast. Hopefully this will level up the scene more and allow people to contact each other for matchup practice. So list SF4 characters that you will be using in super and any new characters that you plan on or willing to learn.

p.s: I will be updating to the list, maybe people want to solidify their choices once shit gets figured out?

Garrick (RAFA)

From SF4 - Main: Balrog, Alts: Sagat, Akuma, Bison, Ryu

Super: Possibilities of maining: Guy, Deejay, Makoto
Willing to learn in Super: Adon, Cody, Dudley, Ibuki, Chun, Guile, Vega, T-hawk?

(Mains will be in bold)

Abel: Famous Nate, CodeNameV, r00ster22, Gojira?, Dusty B, Ghrrk

Adon: Lord Raptor, Riki-oh, MetalxHealthx, Messatsu Orochi, Famous Nate, jalapNo, Bokkin

Akuma: Messatsu Orochi, Bokkin, MysticShadow1453, Gimpyfish62, slash5150

Balrog (Boxer): Asian Balrog, Dusty B, I Am Lothar, Duncan, Dustin, Gimpyfish62

Blanka: jalapNo, CodeNameV

Cammy: Zafo, Bokkin

Chun Li: Gadouken, Frankdadank,

Cody: Mechanica, Brandon, CodeNameV, I Am Lothar?, Gojira?, Gimpyfish62, r00ster22, slash5150

C. Viper: MysticShadow1453

Dan: Raynbeaux

Dee Jay: Dustin, Lord Raptor, Dusty B


Dudley: **Gimpyfish62 **, blacksteve, Rairu, slash5150, MetalxHealthx?, Famous Nate, Dustin, Bokkin, Brandon, CodeNameV, Riki-oh, Frankdadank

E. Honda: onedeadamerican, Duncan

El Fuerte: FuriousJodo, Goolookin

Fei Long: **Gimpyfish62 **

Gen: MetalxHealthx

Gouken: Delucifer, Duncan, Zafo

Guile: Lord Raptor, Dusty B

Guy: Delucifer, Asian Balrog, I Am Lothar?, Messatsu Orochi, CodeNameV, Gimpyfish62

Hakan: Dustin, I Am Lothar?, jalapNo, FuriousJodo?

Ibuki: Messatsu Orochi, Gimpyfish62 , r00ster22, MysticShadow1453, Zafo, Bokkin, FuriousJodo, Ghrrk, slash5150

Juri: Ghrrk, MysticShadow1453, slash5150, Elliott, jalapNo, Zafo, Bokkin, Lord Raptor

Ken: Goolookin, Famous Nate, Brandon

M. Bison (Dictator): Lord Raptor, Riki-oh, Dusty B?, Brandon, Frankdadank

Makoto: Zafo, Famous Nate, Brandon

Rose: Frankdadank, Gojira?, blacksteve?

Rufus: Duncan, Dustin, I Am Lothar, slash5150

Ryu: masturfader, Messatsu Orochi

Sagat: Riki-oh, Zafo, slash5150

Sakura: Gadouken, masturfader?

Seth: jalapNo

T. Hawk: I Am Lothar?, blacksteve, Dustin, Lord Raptor, Riki-oh

Vega (Claw): Brandon, Lord Raptor, r00ster22

Zangief: Dustin

Josh: Joshimitsu (jy0shi: PSN)

sf4 mains: akuma with a splash of ryu, but i dont really play this game anymore

super mains: Ibuki

alts: Adon, Ryu, Akuma, maybe Guy and Vega.

i dont play online much, but ill prolly start throwing invite only gatherings, in may

Nate: Famous Nate (Nale Douville: XBL)

SF4 Mains: Abel

Super Mains: Abel and I want to try Dudley, Makoto, Adon, Ken

Jared: jalapNo

SF4 Mains: Seth + Blanka

Super 4: Seth, Adon, Hakan, Juri, Blanka

I’m only going to be playing at sessions/arcade (if we get one), so if you want that Seth practice, let me know.

Umm…hi! My name is: Duncan/MrK PSN: Duncalunk

My main is…: RUFUS

I’m sorta fuckin with…: Boxor & Gouken & Honda

Main in Super…: Rufus is the new Rufus.

I’ll also prolly play…: Who ever deals with plasma best. I see alot of Potential in Juri, and Honda with some of his changes. I got people in my ear telling me ibuki is pretty much made for me but eh = /.

Where the fuck you going to play Duncan!?: Not online! Gameworks everyday if they get the cab. If I sublet this summer, I’m down to open that shit up at all times for evo preparation-crack sessions. If not, look out for Duncan starting May 8th at a session near you! Q(’.'Q)

Name: Dustin (dkn29) <—XBLA/PSN

SF4 Main: Rufus

SF4 Alts: Balrog, Zangief

Super Main: DeeJay, Hakan (Rufus is by default a main cuz of vanilla)

Super Alts: T. Hawk, Dudley, whoever is top tier(or beats top tiers) (Balrog and Zangief are alts by default cuz of vanilla)

Ryan: Zafo

SF4 Main: Cammy
SF4 Alts: Sagat, Gouken

SSF4: MAKOTO, Cammy… will learn Juri and Ibuki at least a little.

Name: onedeadamerican

SF4 Main: Honda

SF4 Alts: Fuck alts.

Super Main: Honda

Super Alts: Super fuck alts.

Puzzle Fighter Main: Ken Masters

Puzzle Fighter Alts: Akuma/Devilot

Name: Ian/Lord Raptor

SF4 Main: Bison
Alts: Vega & Guile

Super Main Dee Jay & Adon
**Super Alts: ** T. Hawk Juri

Name: Connor/Delucifer

SF4 Main: Blanka/Gouken

Super Main: Guy/Gouken (fuck Blanka)

Name: Carlos/Bokkin

SF4 Main: Akuma
Alt: Cammy

Super Main: Don’t know…Akuma probably but we’ll find out
Super Alts: Juri/Adon/Dudley/Ibuki


Name: Brandon

SF4 Main: Claw

SSF4 Main: Cody and or Claw, I cant say now i need to play the game

Alts: Bison, Ken, Dudley, Makoto

Name: Dusty B

SF4 Main: Rog

SSF4 Main: Not sure, looking at Bison

Alts: Abel, DJ, Guile.

Randy: CodeNameV

sf4: Blanka, Abel

Super 4: Cody will hopefully be my main, but looking at guy and Dudley as well.

Randy: CodeNameV

sf4: Blanka, Abel

Super 4: Cody will hopefully be my main, but looking at guy and Dudley as well.

Name: Tony/Gimpyfish62

SF4 Main: Fei Long
Alts: Akuma & Boxer

Super Main: Ibuki & Dudley
Super Alts: Cody & Guy

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you guys online shortly after Super comes out =D

main: necro and sean
alt: bryan fury and marshall law

Name: Alex/I Am Lothar

SF4 Main: Boxer/Rufus
Alts: None
SSF4 Main: Cody/Guy/Hakan/T. Hawk - one of those 4

Please Edit:

Balrog (Boxer):Asian Balrog, Dusty B, Duncan, Dustin