SSF4 Calculator

Well i am gonna post here the next days the updated combo calc for SSF4

reliable Framedata needed (so i will for now just use a adjusted sf4 frame data)

Maybe worth listing:
Damage Changes for Sakura:

Close HP does now 90 DMG previously 100DMG
Crouch HP does now 90 DMG previously 100DMG
Ex Shou does 180DMG and 200Stun previously 200DMG/280STUN
EX Tatsu does 140STUN previously 200STUN
SUPER does 350DMG previously 380DMG
U1 does 451 Max previously 435DMG
(non EX) Otoshi does 50 DMG and 70 STUN previously 60DMG/100STUN

has anything changed for the Damagescaling guys? didn’t check that yet.
Also need reliable Health/Stun Values for Super Cast!

Good, it was ridiculous before. Depending on the character if she landed one or two combos it was a free win. I hope they did the same with Chun.


That’s BS :frowning:

Lrn2block then. It wasn’t really hard at all to block Sak’s mixup. Hell, just mashing DP gets you out of it.

Just about every character in the game experienced tone downs like this. Shit’s relative.