SSF4 blocking high and low

Why is it that in some blockstrings I can block standing against crouching attacks, and othertimes not? I thought I always had to block crouching but it seems inconsistent. What’s the criterion for it?

Sure it’s all about hitboxes.

Generally, crouching punches can be blocked either high or low, but most crouching kicks must be blocked low. There are exceptions, though.

Depends on the attack. Attacks can hit at 3 different heights - low, mid and high.

Low attacks have to be blocked low
Mids can be blocked high or low
High attacks have to be blocked high

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Or if you blocked the first hit low maybe you could be auto blocking subsequent hits.

crouching shorts need to be blocked low (usually)
crouching jabs can be blocked low OR high

Balrog and Dudley (since they use boxing gloves and dont kick) can hit you low with a cr short, even though to you it might look like a simple jab.

This is usually why people block high against jump-ins and then quickly switch to blocking low, because 9/10 times a short or other low attack is coming.

This is also why you generally want to start your combos from a short, so that you can hit-confirm the subsequent commands.

Some moves will look like they hit low, when they’re really hitting mid. (because of the hitbox) If something is hitting mid it can be blocked by either crouching or standing block. I can’t think of a good example of a move, although i think Blanka has a few. Hope this helps.

Actually i just remembered, Cody’s Ruffian Kick (MK version) hit’s mid. Set the computer to record it in training and block it both standing and crouching, you’ll see what i mean.

in general, you’re safe when blocking low, there are only three things that you need to watch for, jumping attacks, throws, and overhead moves (normals or speacials). All other moves can be blocked low. Each character has at least one overhead move and becoming familiar with them all to see them coming takes a long time. Most of the time an overhead normal has a bit of start up time to it so it probably isn’t a true blockstring if it ends with an overhead, though many characters (like guile), excell in the area of normal attacks and mix up games up close. As for throws, just jab when they get close enough and you can hit them before they throw you, if they’re allready close, tech the throw. You can option select this. That means doing both at once…hold down/back and press throw over and over again and you’ll either hit them with light kick or you’ll tech a throw, whichever the situation calls for. It’s a VERY important tactic in competitive level street fighter. As for jumps, well, obviously, just hold back. Be carefull of Chun Li’s double punch in the air, if you go straight from blocking high to low, the second one will get you (still gets me every time!). Hope it helps. Good luck.

Some other characters have double aerials too, like Ibuki who has an air target combo that can hit grounded opponents. I’m not sure if M.Bison’s air target combo works as a mixup on grounded opponents, but he does have one.