SSF4 AE Rose Match-up Thread

Gaaawd. Yun is soo broken ><
most normals r + on block, his dive kick fucks me up, his specials r save for the most time and his scrubby ex punch is … ah fuck this shit .

st fierce is definitely good if the yuns are jumping in at full screen to 3/4 screen. Up close its much harder. I like to react with st. strong around footsies WHEN i see him divekick. Also, after a blockstring, i like to buffer ex ST and press it if the yuns looking to divekick.

CEO was a blast this weekend. It also gave me some questions. Most of my tournament I ended up playing U1 against the twins. It seems to shut down alot of options. However, I had a question, against Fei, do you Rose players feel like U2 is still worth it to make him respect our options and not just Rekka all day?

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i’ve prolly said it to death, but it is MY OPINION that at high level play, you won’t ever get off ultra 1. I prefer U2 just b/c even if i can’t get the setup off, it still gives me wakeup shenanigans and tick throw options. Especially in the corner, with enough practice, U2 can be absolutely deadly and can help you open up the best of them. That said here’s the setup again. For feilong, i usually aim for a Bthrow or Sweep once i get enough Ultra meter. With a bthrow, i U2 RIGHT AWAY, spam slide during the U2 animation and and spam corner HP ST during the slide animation. It’ll stuff out his reversals and he has to block crossup, if you hit your timings tight. With a sweep, I dash U2 and then HP ST.

I personally still like U1 since I can catch chicken wings with it. I don’t think U2 would stop him from doing random rekka since U2 is so slow now, and he can pop orbs with EX rekkas now.

Jason wouldn’t ex chickenwing beat both the reflect and the U2?

I usually go with U2 against Fei, especially against good ones as well. The good Fei players will watch out for U1, and if it is blocked, you’re in for quite a bit of damage. If you do plan on using U1 in this match-up, you’re definitely going to need to do a bit of baiting here. Although U2 is pretty much safe at a distance now, it definitely makes Fei respect your space when active.

You aren’t trying to do reflect, you’re doing a HP SOUL THROW. Secondly, it crosses up on the first active wakeup frames and messes up their inputs. Meaning unless he’s psychic, if he was on player 2 side he would have to do a 2149 motion instead of a 2147. It is essentially IMPOSSIBLE to chicken wing out. They’d fail 9/10 times. If they did know bout the setup, they’d prolly just hold forward. If they tried to flame kick out however, HP ST will make sure you’re out of reach but the orbs would hit Fei letting you land. The second orb would then hit them giving you PLENTY of time to react and ST. Roughly 350+ dmg counting the throw or sweep guaranteed every time? I’d take that over u1.

I don’t know, with the large buffer and reversal window in this game it might be easy for a fei player to just guess a direction for chicken wing and then just block the opposite way, so if he guesses right he gets the chicken wing, he guesses wrong, he still can block it. I think it’s worth testing in the lab. Since I still have super and you use the setup a lot more than me I bet you could record it and try seeing if you can do that with Fei.

Usually, they wouldn’t know to throw out those specific reversals. Secondly, they have to time it pretty well to get the situation you bring up though i will concede that people that randomly mash out do at times block my setup out of sheer ignorance. If they’re good, they’re usually just going to block and see or ex flame kick.

I’ve already tested against players with half circle/quarter circle motion. Usually their inputs get messed up and they eat the orbs and a strong spiral combo.

Well as you said once people know about that set up, they’ll learn to deal with it. Does a reversal ex chickenwing or anything similar never auto correct? And against a good player that set up will only work like once.

But still I agree with using U2 in the match up, simply because when you have it at neutral he has to respect your space a lot more.

The funny thing about the setup is to hit the crossup timing, its really tight. And if you miss it, it’s no longer a crossup. Against non 3 frame reversals, even though it doesn’t crossup, it’s still SAFE. That means if they block crossup and you miss the crossup window, they’re screwed. Secondly, if he starts blocking, you can do the same setup and instead of slide ST, you can slide bthrow him, putting him in the setup again. That’ll really mindfuck them. They think they have the right left block figured out and then you throw em.

Thanks guys. U2 is definitely better versus Fei. I found that since this is a more defensive matchup, having U2 to activate after a KD really limits their options even if you just walk straight at them.

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I used U1 vs Fei in Super, I use U1 vs Fei in AE.

I like nullifying is his wake up game a bit and actually having him take risks. If he tries to command grab, you have 3 hours to do the damn ultra if he misses (and yes, they do go for the commands), if he mistimes an EX Wing to go through your spark, or if you FADC, free 350-500 damage, if he does an accidental flame kick (which happens because of the left right left right shortcut for qcb attacks because he has to crouch tech at times) free ultra.

If you can react to a rekka, free U1.

It’s actually a good punishing ultra in this match. :wink:

after reacting with u1 to rekkas is such a great feeling :slight_smile:

s.lp does a good job at stopping dive kicks if they arent directly above you, s.fp takes them out if they are kinda far out. i have to test out some theories/math today and see what i can come up with.

I just use c.hp os throw to stuff dive kicks. I was playing quite a good Yun the other day, when he clocked on i was doing that, he started walking backwards after a few hits on block. At which point I can just react with a sweep or xx spiral. I don’t think Rose does that bad against divekick pressure from yun and yang.

i haven’t faced a lot of yuns but doesn’t beat out the dive kick that’s directly above you?
and what about focus back dash does that work?
when I have faced yun the dive kick wasn’t my issue it was the lunge punch and c.idkpunch

the issue is at a certain range, when yun divekicks, there’s is NOTHING you can do but preempt a button. And even then, if he reacts your button and delays his move, you get owned. That’s what everyone’s complaining about. The divekick at a certain range is too fast for most of the cast to effectively punish. And the range he has to be in to do that is so huge, it’s unfair trying to get him out of the spot.

Block, and if you see him jumping higher than a range that’s higher than min - range, you can soul throw on reaction.

Old and have bad reactions? I’m sorry not all of us can be young and hip and have reactions :D.