SSF4 AE PC: Alternate Costume keeps disappearing

So I have the game on steam, and just went to the games for windows live market place to buy the alternate costume pack for seth. It worked just fine and even in game it said “new content available” right after I downloaded it. I enjoyed my seth robo suit for that session very much. The problem is, now every time I start SSf4 the costume is not there, and I have to delete the downloaded costume pack and re-install it like 10-15 times to finally get it to show up again.

Is there something I can possibly try or I dun goofed?

they said from the start that the costumes on the steam version would work differently, the pack was supposed to be out yesterday (but wasnt). Still, you should have waited

you had to wait because the costumes are going to be released on steam.
if you were desasparate and bought them on gfwl, ur fucked.

Dont quote on me but i remember the date beign today 7/23 , but by monday im sure they will be on the steam store.

You don’t need to delete and re-install the costume pack. Just go to the steam store in the main menu and then immediately exit the store. This will make the game check for downloadable content. It should detect the costume pack you purchased on GFWL and allow you to select the alternate costumes. You need to do this every time you start the game.

I missed the memo I was suppose to wait for steam to add them. I saw it in games for windows live market place and since its a GFWL game didn’t think it would be a problem buying it since I played against other people using alternates too.

Thanks Alpha Tango for the work around. It works like a charm.

Yup you would think capcom would make it work that way, but for some stupid odd reason they want it to go through a steam store and make people wait weeks for a 15kb file that opens the costumes.

23kb file* get it right

lol thanks for the correction

Any idea on the next scheduled release date for the Steam costume packs? The most recent I could find was stating that it would be released 4 days ago.