SSF4 AE 2012 Changes Part 2

I’ll update first post when the translations start rolling in.

Almost misread that as “when the translations start trolling it”

(not even kidding. DAMN YOU INTERNET!)


Fixed the scaling issue with counterhit crouching Light Punch (Crane Stance).
Increase the active frames of crouching Hard Kick by 5 (Crane Stance).
There is now 3 versions of EX Jyasen. Not sure of the translation but it seems you activate them with LP + MP, LP + HP, MP + HP. Spacing and damage vary o_O.
When the EX Jyasen is in the dive animation, Gen is completely invincible.
The final hit of MK Gekiro builds 10 extra meter over AE.
Last hit of all Gekiros now a hard knockdown (Dayyyyyymn).

Thats what I have for now, there is more… Will update when I’ve got the rest.

Edit: Seems Shintenketsu’s start up has been reduced to 7f and regular Jyasen recovers 4f faster.

akuma getting nerfed made my night.:clapdos:

The death of the Demon. Go on and take a character that relies on timing and character specific setups and throw it all in the trash

There is maybe 1 or 2 people in the ENTIRE WORLD actually placing well in major tournaments with him as it stands. Tokido is the only person who put in the time and effort to maser the vortex enough to actually stand a chance against top competitors, and even then he never comes out on top because Akuma is only great on paper. Add the human factor and in my eyes he is far from the best character in the game.

Akuma’s nerfs are so stupid…they should not have touched that character…

Gen’s buffs are so stupid…stupid GOOD. more meter for BnBs plus untech knockdown?? Hands and EX Hands with more frame advantage?? Damn, gonna be even tougher to play yeb now .___.

On the other hand, Dan buffs are pretty nice! Even more counter hit set ups, and even more combooos! :smiley:

Brainless having pure hit vulnerability sounds more broken than how it was in Super.

very conflicting info on Gen here. I thought it was HK gekiro that gave us extra meter if fully executed? MK gekiro is NEVER used so why would they do that…

Only the extra frames on crane are what I asked for, the rest is ok I guess. Well with some other characters (lolkuma) getting nerfed pretty bad that also works in Gens advantage.


Propeller Tortilla has regained invincibility.

Ex Quesadilla bomb causes wall bounce on counterhit.

Close Fierce Punch xx habanero dash xx calamari slide works on everyone now

I’m just copying pasting whatever Street posted in the Gen Ae 2012 thread


Everything was reasonable from what was shown except for that Akuma nerf. Like ClxJames said, there is really Tokido and perhaps Eita(?) that really perform well. 3/4 demon flip options are now blockable crouch and he loses a valuable setup from forward throw =/. What really boggles my mind though is the fact that they increased SPD stun and EX GH damage to Gief and increasing Ken’s EX DP damage O__o . Leave those two characters as is, don’t buff characters that were already really good in AE in the first place…sigh

kens ex srk’s 10 damage buff changes nothing.

-Denjin during start-up has 3 levels of projectile speed depending on the 360 motion u input during startup. Has up to double speed. Dmg level is now consistent regardless of meter u have. Last hit of all levels does 45 additional dmg (300 dmg on lvl 1, 540 on lvl 5)


Yeah your right now that i thought it over, it’s not so bad. Still waiting on them Oni, Evil Ryu buffs and Yun, Yang nerfs to be shown. If it’s the case then this could be the most balanced version of SSF4 :D. I’m really liking what’s going on so far other than those Akuma nerfs.

After the nerfs to half the cast in super are you suprised ?, most of the characters that were nerfed in super were mid-tier to begin with, Akuma has been high-tier since vanilla, i guess it’s his turn now. I don’t disagree with you by the way although Akuma is the worst match-up for all 3 of my mains lol, personally i think the change to palm will stay the throw recovery will be revised after loke tests or they’ll buff other aspects of his gameplay to make up for it, but then this is Capcom we’re talking about so who knows ?

Gouken’s U2 changes are quite confusing with the wording used. Anybody really get exactly what they mean?

if you spin the joystick in a 360 motion during the flash animation of the ultra starting up you can get the speed potentially up to double the speed of the max speed in AE. and charging it makes it stronger (up to 540 damage[most damaging ultra])

Dan’s taunts will build meter?? No height restriction on air EX Dan Kicks?? Sounds like UltraDavid paid someone off at capcom… or threatened a sexual assault claim?

As for Abel… despite the new awesomeness of U2, i think U1 will still be very appealing due to the return of “super” cr. HP.

Something about Akuma that just occurred to me… what if the 2 extra recovery frames on his throw are only on the whiff animation? They didn’t really specify

Wow they nerfed Akuma but buffed all the easy mode bs characters. Great…Gonna have to work even harder now. Stupid CC. I mean, the palm overhead thing was a AE buff right? So I guess its just back to Super? But changing his throw…I wonder how that’ll affect his mixup options afterwards. Its already hard enough to win with him ._.

Well glad about Abel ;/ Seth didnt get hit hard so thats cool too. Confused about Gouken, but sounds cool