SSF4 3D edition ...worth buying?

hi guys i just wanna ask if the SSF4 3D edition is worth buying? i am currently playing SF Volt somehow, and i enjoyed playing it sadly i like to have more characters to i plan to get SSF4 3D. and i cannot execute special moves at 100% rate so i am planning to play lite controls in this game.

did the lite players using blanka, e honda, and guile really ruined this game? or things can be remedied and we can say its all about zoning, doing footsies and understanding SF4 mechanics?


Tbh, all of those games feel like watered-down versions of the actual game. The weird controls and inefficient controls are sloppy to use, not very reliable, and the ‘lite’ versions are a complete joke. Characters like Guile that have no charge requirements, and are able to walk forward while throwing sonic booms, are extremely overpowered. There’s a reason these characters are given specific requirements in order to execute their moves. While there are some elements of zoning and fundamentals, they’re all placed inside a game that’s a jumbled mess.

I’ll say…

Goddammit, Ninja’d. Well I can’t tell it better than how eltrouble explained it, albeit a bit less harsh. The game is a gimmick at best, no need to buy. If you need to play SSFIV, why not buy a good laptop to play on the go since AE 2012 has come for it for a while already? Besides if anything is to be believed, AE IS NEVER COMING to the 3D Edition… EVER!!!

well thats actually true, AE wont come to 3DS because 3DS has 3D edition haha

well what i like about the 3D edition is i can play online, as for the vita when it comes to UMVC well that game is also good sadly no PSN here. so i dont know how the internet connection will turn out. it is possible that i will have a poor internet connection and making playing online impossible. and that is one of my purpose of playing fighting games. is to play online

I had it and traded it. Old version and the button configuration is so awkward

Controls suck. I mean the game is neat and to have SF on the go is always awsome, but having to switch over to a pad (and a small one at that) to play a game I’ve used nothing but a stick before, means I don’t have a lot of control over my dudes in the games.

If u play on pad and are mobile a lot, then maybe.

o.w. I’d say no.

3ds dpad is atrocious whether or not you are used to pad you will hate it. the gameboy advance had a good pad but they seem to think it’s not a big deal with every iteration of the ds. don’t buy ssf4 for 3ds unless you’re planning on modding the dpad or getting the next version of 3ds that has a better pad and buttons.

Definitely, whats better than playing a worth game anywhere, but please don’t use the input shortcuts on the bottom screen too much, pretty noobish IMO

actually i already owned the game and i bought a 3ds. actually the game is quite good. you really need the lite controls since the handheld device is very small. using the pro mode will just break your 3ds. but as a lite user i always trying to avoid relying too much on special moves and do footsies and hit confirming to win. and somehow i see there are a lot of newbie players in the game. well right now i am still at D rank. dont know whats in the upper ranking i hope AA rankers are not spammers and lite control abusers.

and sadly this game does not have features to record your fights. i had encountered some pretty hilarious fights and i was hoping to record it lol