SSF2Turbo HD Remix on PS3 (PSN) Matchmaking

Add me on psn DropDeadEddy. Looking to up my win and loss count. Lol will be online as at 11:30 pm Pacific

Online now. Bring it yall xD jk

Scoreboard Match > Remixed Mode

I can do classic as well

Anyone up for it?

If anyone wants to play just add me on PSN. I’m gonna drop out soon since no one has joined yet.

Im off it at the moment but let me know if you on it and I will join.

Send me a message here or psn.

I’ll be on later about 12 pm pacific

online now. Lets GAME!!

Scoreboard Match > Remixed

Anyone wanna play?

Do people hate this game much?

I’ll play you
Gamer tag: enforcer04

Late post add me