SSF2T Premium Avatars

[]Premium only.
]Say what character you want and I’ll do the rest.
[*]Only one avatar per character. This pic shows what’s available (color) and what isn’t (black and white):

Made so far:

Dibs on Fei Long.

Vega, with the Game Logo, plz.

Sagat plz.


Bison please

Original post updated.

When will you go premium?


Good shit. I’ll start rocking it this weekend.

Great work!

Ryu please :slight_smile: could I get something with his 6 fp

Tsumi: Sorry, but the only thing you can request is the character. Let me know if you still want one.

Oh okay, yeah I still want one.

Check the original post.

Ken plz…


It was worth a shot, I wasn’t going to use for a while later anyway… Somebody enjoy Ken…

Thanks a lot. This rocks. I might have to switch between this one and whatever I can cook for the Battle Poll if it’s still going. If that is a problem I will concede my rights over Sagat.

Ooh, Cammy plz <3

Thanks alot, perfect colours too <3

I didn’t even notice it ran out. >.>

I’ll rebuy soon then.