SSF2T Midi

No idea what forum this should go in, so sorry if there’s a better place for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I sequenced a MIDI of the SSF2T opening song yesterday. There were a couple MIDI versions of it floating around already, but they weren’t very accurate to the actual in-game CPS2 version. So I did one myself, using Nebula Jukebox for reference (very helpful for this sort of thing, lets you isolate individual channels in the original song).

I’m hoping to do some more soon, I’ve already got a start on Ken’s theme.

Ha, very cool in an early 90’s kind of way.

When listening to the music only, that final note seems to me to drag on a little long (as opposed to the originial multimedia with the synchronized “SUPER” logo and sparks flying), but I know that’s just because it’s true to the original score.

Make it a cell phone ringtone. :rofl: Kidding… (or am I?)

Also, putting in requests for Cammy and FeiLong’s stage themes if you’re bored and feel like doing more, since those are two of my favorite songs in the game. …Not that you were taking requests, of course, just because I feel like being rude and asking out of nowhere.

I’d like to do ST’s entire soundtrack eventually, anyway. Nebula Jukebox makes it easy enough. I’ll put Cammy’s and Fei Long’s themes next in queue.

Sounds really good for a midi, I’d like to here Cammy’s next too.

Yup, it sounds really nice. The only thing is that the ending sounds a bit weird without the familiar crashing down effect.