SSF2T HDR Tie games...?

Yeah I was just playing Eggo (really good sim) and we double ko’d the second round then got to “final” round and we double ko’d again and we both just got sent to the main screen. Turns out it was a tie. WHAT

i dont remember this ever happening in arcade st…


Thats awesome.

The same thing happened to me in a player match. Although somebody was waiting to play the winner, we had to start the match over.

Also, while playing ranked, the first round was a double KO, I won the next two, he won the next one and we double KOed once again. All of a sudden, it was the final round and the other player was awarded a second win. Shitty deal for me.

are we talking about the same Eggo that used to write for Gamefan?

Most FG’s have this.

It’s like TF2 when it’s a tie. You’re all losers.

Try doing two draw games in a row in a tourney.

Some games don’t allow for extra rounds- such as SC4.

Yup… same guy - George Ngo. He’s got a solid Honda too.

that’s dope, i didn’t know he was still around! good stuff

Yes, it does happen in the arcade ST. Except there, both players have to insert more coins.

If there’s a final round, both players are evened out in wins, even if there were multiple draws/Double KOs.

This has been around since 1992 and CE (WW went up to 10, IIRC).