SSF2T/HD help

Hi I’m an SSf4 player and I’m willing to drop SSF4 to become a good ssf2t/hdremix player.
I just bought the game off the playstation store yesterday. I also started playing it on ggpo but when I go on ggpo I always get owned. I feel like its impossible to get in on those players when I try to lp shoryu through their projectile or lk tatsu I’m always being hit by the pojectile.

Is there any ken safe jumps I need to know because I don’t know any
safe jumps in ssf2t. I would also like to learn how to do the juice kick because when I try it i have a feeling im doing it wrong because when i do the tatsu ken is so high in the air.

Today I was playing a deejay player on ggpo and every time I would land a knee bash I would jump in and press light punch>lk tatsu and try to go for a second knee bash but when I jump in I always get reversal what am I doing wrong?

also when I cross up I always get thrown when I try to go for a block string after my cross up. I’m finding it very hard to do a dragon punch and a super when I need it when I try it it the move won’t come out but on ssf4 when I do a dp or a super it comes out so easily why is it like this?

PS3 is the worst version because of extra input lag and psn network is not very good.
I think I saw you on ggpo earlier.

But at least HDR has training mode included. In ST the input window is 8 frames, so you gotta do it very quick unlike ssf4. Just practice all the special moves, especially DP.

You need to do it from neutral position, walking backwards, walking forward, crouch back, crouch forward and comboing from standing fierce, low forward, low short.

once you’re comfortable you can set the 2p dummy to be controlled by CPU. Then pick fei long (easy) and sit back and use low forward to bait him to jump. Try to land the jab dp as deep as possible. Once you’re good try changing opponent to blanka (harder), etc.

going from 80% consistency to 90% makes a big difference on your games.

Everyone except ken can be safe jump. Easiest = boxer. Hardest = Ryu/ken.

Check each character’s anti air move and see how much start up frames they have.

hitbox and frame data

If you want to get good you should aim to at least safe jump guile (5 frames) with a 80-90% accuracy.

There is no secret except you have to do it very fast after the jump. This is one of the harder moves and even good players can’t pull it off 100%.

Don’t do fancy stuff like this to evade a fb. Just block or neutral jump or neutral jump into early lk tatsu.

The knee bash immediately jump into jab repeat doesn’t work on all characters. It also depends on in what frames the knee bash animation ends. You cannot rely on cheese like these to work 100%. But it’s a useful tactics none the less. It’s especially good against characters that have no wake up games like sim and dictator.

You activate jumping attack too early so opponent is out of block string before you can move. In the training mode try to do cross up mk, fierce xx jab dp. If it’s a 3 hit combo that means your cross up timing is ok. If it doesn’t combo then try to do the mk late.

If you cant read the timings on knee bash to jump at them, just walk towards them as they fall out and do a meaty crouching attack. Some chars you can even walk under them and get behind them to meaty them.

One small tip, not sure if this effects you: HDR does not use SF4 blockstrings. Make sure you’re not mashing cr. jab :slight_smile: Cheers, man, enjoy!

Pick Claw as your main and enjoy. (Only half joking.)

Thanks for the help guys. I have another question is there a ken match up thread? because when I play I have no idea of what im supposed to be doing against my opponents character and what i shouldn’t be doing

For ST, oldschool has a thread for beginner and it has links to all character threads

HDR ken thread is here

Ken is a mid tier character. If you are on ggpo, try to spectate djfrijole, stp (o ken), rekkaken (o ken), prezz, rizone, moocus, evildindon’s game. Too bad Cigarbob’s retired, otherwise you can learn from him as well.

You can also install supercade

and then you can watch replays from damdai’s o ken as well

And then of course, watch all these match up videos

As for beginners, there’s also the Wiki. Born2SPD (with some little help of mine) has a few surprises in the Zangief and Ryu sections.

Edit: papasi, he has said that if you want to grab some (or all) of those images for your theory fighter website, you are free to do it. The hitboxes contours are more pronounced and the background is always white.

oldschool/b2spd, that’s awesome.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

Zangief (ST) - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

what method did he use to knock out the background? please share with us!
(there is no point for me to copy his images, people can just go to the wiki page, it’s better!)

I think he simply captured them with FBA-RR and set different hitbox colors. I will ask details when I get the time. He will certainly appreciate help for collecting hitboxes, as there are many characters left.

Was it you papasi who just asked the same via the wiki’s user talk thing? haha
Anyway, i will describe the method i’m using:
First of all, even with turbo 0 (i’m using AE to capture the frames, im talking about a emulator fault here more specifically in the frame advance thing which doesnt work properly) you will lost some frames, for example on some ryu normals some recovery animations have only 1 frame of duration, and you will miss that; to fix it, put the CPU speed thing in the fba menu to 25%(slowest) and then edit the lua script file, add 1 frame of delay, this is a needed fix.
Ok, then i disable all the layers (via the video -> graphics menu), to have a black background, then i take screenshots of all frames using the frame advance thing, one important thing to note is that MAME-RR will make the screnshots more darker when the game is paused, so avoid using it, use FBARR.
Now is the hard part, well not hard but time consuming, i edit all images in fireworks (a photoshop like program) to remove the black background, remove the shadow and cut the uneeded part of the image.

While this is time consuming, its something that i’m enjoying to do, and as a perfeccitionist, i dont want other peoples help by the simple fact that i dont know if they will mess something. I plan to do for all N characters plus the 3 main Old ones (sagat hawk and ken). After these are done i can think about doing the rest (including akuma, hell his dps have full invincibility, i didnt know that).

If you want to use it in your site, please go ahead. I had the ispiration to rip them myself after using your site to compare some hitboxes, and i noticed that background + blurry jpgs were not that good so i decided to do my own. I’m doing then with transparent background, not white, so they’re perfect to use in your comparison thing (like, puting some images over another).

I was waiting to have the gief and ryu pages complete, and then i would create a topic here in srk asking other peoples to help in the wiki as well, mainly in the matchup part. Also, there’s some pages with almost no content, the guile page for example, we have some good players here, could’nt them help? i’ve already put some stuff in gief and hawk page (pro grapplers feel free to fix my shit) but my skill just is not enough.

cool man. once you’re done and if you want me to i’ll use your images instead so people can use the comparison scripts on my site.

I do notice the skipped 1 frame animation and some of my captures are out of sync because of that. I’m impressed that you figured out a way to fix that. can you post your modified lua script?

BTW, someone also point out that for some of my close normal images, the base offset is different than the other normals so when they use the comparison script, they don’t line up vertically.

The reason is that when I capture the close normals, I have two options

  1. have the 2p stand next to me. but then i’ll also capture the 2p character and makes it harder to see the hitbox

  2. use rufus’s trick, have 2p stand next to me (I use chun coz she jumps high), then have 2p jump straight up while I press the button. I can capture the close normal without 2p on screen.

problem is that the game zoom out and the part of the floor is not visible and thus that image won’t line up vertically with the other normals.

So, how did you capture the close normals without 2p getting in the way?

No. What’s the wiki’s user talk thing?

get your nerd talk out of here pap, your nerding up the thread.

For the record, you can only hurricane kick over sonic booms and yoga fires. Everything else will hit you.

I don’t understand the numbers that are under a move for example jumping medium kick. I don’t know which number is startup frames, active frames recovery frames. Also why are some of the numbers highlighted in orange?.

Heres an examaple:

Also can any jumping move be used as a safe jump?

Coulda swore you could also hurricane kick THROUGH a fierce dee-jay fireball :D?

It’s the active frames. Ken’s jump MK actually has 2 active frames as you can see from the picture. But Yoga book hyper only list them together. Both YBH and T-Akiba’s frame data are only like 90% accurate. But it’s good enough for reference.

No, not all of them due to the hitbox (like sim’s jump RH). But mostly yes.

oh you’re not invited XD

Yeah, sort of it. If a move has different sets of active hitboxes but they do not combo into each other, i.e., unlike shotos’ cl.RH, the YBH lists them as a single set of attacking frames. T.Akiba has separated them, but he had no access to hitboxes, so a number of moves actually have less active frames than listed on his website.

I guess people know that tatsus are a horrible option for safe jumping due to the 5 frame recovery!

Low Tigahs!

I am sure it can be done against meaty ones.

Because it hasn’t been linked yet: Rufus’s HD Remix frame images / data

It’s basically the HD Remix counterpart of that other site for frame data, but with full frame images for the entire moves. A must-bookmark!

I don’t see a 2 on mk all i see is 5 13 and 25. Isint the middle number active frames? so wouldn’t it be 13?Also how am I supposed to do a dp I know its a dumb question lol but is it forward, down down forward+punch or forward down down forward and press punch after the down forward?. Dumb sf4 and ssf4 taught me so many bad habits I don’t even know how to execute moves properly cause of it. Also when is a good time to try and excecute a safe jump? How can I practice safe jumps because theres no way I can record the dummy in training mode to do the safe jump. I"ve been practising kens short short super using the renda cancel method. When I do a fireball in a match should I be doing it by cancelling the light kick? or should I be doing it the regular way?