SSF2T DC Version used at EVO2004

Ok I know this is a very old question to ask and to most people there isnt much demand for the game on the DC version… anyways I was told that the version used for EVO was an edited version with dip switches making it more true to arcade…
This link shows a few varients of the DC version… or unless someone could point me to the version used would be of great help or confirm the above as a true statement and im looking for something that doesnt exsist…
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

thread lock in 3, 2, 1…

why would the thread be locked? the link isnt to download its to show the varients that are available on the DC which people have created… the post is for information more than anything else…

if admin wants to remove link then please do, but still an answer to what version was used would be good :slight_smile:

I’m actually interested in this myself as well.

If you have the legitimate DC port (or a copy thereof), then you can unlock dipswitches by beating Gouki with all 32 characters (16 new, 16 old). Any option settings are acceptable but beating dictator doesn’t count. Once dipswitches have been unlocked, you can access the hidden dipswitch menu by highlighting Option, holding Y, and pressing Start. At the dipswitch menu, use the preset 1994/02/23 ver settings. Everything will be as close to the CPS2 version as possible, and you’d better make sure to save everything to a memory card.

I can’t speak as to which version Evo used in 2004 and in 2008 but the “variant” I’ve always seen used in DC ST tourneys is Toodles’s TDC Final v2, which automatically unlocks the dipswitches and switches them to the 1994/02/23 ver settings. There are no additional changes beyond what the original DC version offers. TDC was used because it was readily available, saves a lot of time unlocking dipswitches, and also includes MVC2 and CVS2. In return, sound quality is diminished and bonus stages are possibly glitchy.

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thanks for the reply…

Evolution 2008 used the TDC disc.

Thanks for help, so after checking 6 or so Dreamcast versions we finally found it…
for anyone who is looking for this ther difference is there is a saved file on the disc which will allow you copy this data to your VMU then this save file will allow the secret option to work. Once this save file is on the VMU you can then use any other version of SSF2X you have and it will also load the Secret Option.
I will check if the disc will load the secret option without a VMU, as if the disc pulls the save from the disc. Only reason being some people may not have official DC sticks with a VMU unit.

IIRC the TDC disc included a VMU tool with a number of common fighting game saves, including one for ST w/secret option, mvc2 w/all characters, 3S w/system direction, etc. All you need would be to save the file to a VMU and you can use it on other discs outside of the TDC disc. You also don’t need a stick with a VMU port. If you own a Dreamcast, chances are you also have more than one DC controller too. Plug one into another port on the DC with the VMU in there too and use that controller to load your save data.

re: ST specifically, I think only the translated text appears without a VMU save on the TDC disc and not the secret option menu, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the information guys… much appreciated :slight_smile:

Does the TDC disc load the settings even without a VMU in the console? I haven’t touched it in ages. Don’t want to search for my disc just to test this… I’m sure someone knows offhand… (back when I messed with the dreamcast a lot, I just had a vmu plugged in all the time…)