SSBM Format

I am asuming that Evo opted to go with 2v2 instead of 1v1 because of time/console restraints, similiar to their GG descision. I understand why it would seem more conventient to run a 2v2 event but it’s still a serious turn off for me. Smash 1v1 and 2v2 are completely different games. If the traditional evo players find 1v1 smash too different from 2d fighters, then they are going to absolutely hate how hectic 2v2’s seem.

Only says Game Settings: VS Melee, 2/3 Games, 4 Stock, 6 Minute Timer for me so I’m pretty sure it’s 1v1

Yeah it looks like 1v1. It’s what I expected but when I saw you said it was going to be teams I got real excited. 1v1 is ok, but teams is my favorite.

It looks like every stage is allowed. At least I don’t see any restricted stages in the rules…

the rules are still pending, as we are gauging what the community has to say.

No Hyrule temple.No Poke Floats. No Falcon stages.2v2.Lets Get this money.

2v2 only wouldn’t be a very smart idea, singles gets the most turn outs.

but yeah hyrule temple should defiantly be taken out, unless you want fox to have it easy. <_<

Usually there are 6 neutral stages which can be randomly selected or agreed on for the first match, then there is a list of counter-picks which the loser can choose from along with any of the 6 neutral stages. I would hope EVO decides to go along with this, and also decides to ban silly stages like Icicle Mountain, Flat Zone, Big Blue, and Yoshi’s Story 64…

Oh, and 1v1 no items :p.

to spare time and confusion it might be best to limit all levels to the neutrals

since the tournament organizers, judges, etc. have possibly never dealt with smash tournaments before

I think they have brought some people in who known a considerable amount of smash tournement rules or they would follow other tournement rules.

Whatever they decide it’s gonna be a blast at EVO South