SSBB Online Tournament List! Get in here! Then get out of here!

If you were like me after the SRK Online Tournament: Round 6! then you probably felt this little rumbly in your tummy about an hour after you were done. That rumble is the hunger, the hunger to get up, get out, and get to kicking some ass online.

Now I know. “Online ‘pro’ play for Brawl cant compare too offline ‘pro’ play”. And too an extent, this is true. Depending on who, what, where, when, why, and how. You are likely not going to get a lagless match. That is still no reason to not use your Wii and its free online service.

While the last SRK Online Tournament had no prize, others do. Some offer a Custom Avatar as a form of recognition of your skill and achievement, some offer Wii Points and others even offer some Gift Certificates. If you are looking to get into the competitive online scene, then I encourage you to check out some of the links I have provided and am going to continue to provide.

Hell. Play offline is you want, but if you can get online and get too kicking some ass, then I suggest you do it. Let’s get out there and represent SRK, people!

Present Tournaments

Viva La PINK! - A SWF (Smash World Forums) hosted… yes I know some of you hate them. All the more reason to be aware of them and the chance to… visit them. No? A Custom Avatar goes to the winner, hopefully thats me!

Wifi Tournament Forum - SSBB - A more casual tournament offering **1,000 Wii Points **to the victor. They do they’re matches a week apart, so even if you have an hour a day, you can have enough time for a match.

The GameFAQ’s Open! - A big one. GameFAQ’ers and GSF players with a **$30.00 Gift Certificate **too GameStop as the prize!

Future Tournaments

Dull Razer Presents: (TWAT) - Another SWF tournament with 500 Wii Points on line as the prize. Potential for alot of people!

My First Tournament - Hosted by Gamer Mason. 8 entrant limit. A good place to start if anyone just wants to play a small tournament.

I also encourage anyone who has a hot tournament to drop, to post here so we can all enter. After-all. Whats better then a SRK’er taking 1st place? 4 SRK’ers taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!

No prizes! I dropped a month of premium on ZOO for his win : P

hahaha holy shit!


Hell yeah I’ve been itching for a tournament to go to. I’ve been looking around all is brawl, but I’m gonna try to enter any and every tournament that I can find. We should update this as much as possible and try to get other SRK people joining tournaments. I’d seriously enter one every day if there was one available, lol.

I’m definitely entering the twat tourney.

By the end of it smashboards will have A LOT of “this guy beat me by cheaply abusing tornado spam what a noob” threads:rofl:


Don’t be surprised if you get disqualified dude!

Just realized I can’t enter because on saturday i’l be playing in this tourney:

I hope wong enters it would be cool to see his diddy rape us all firsthand, wish me GL.

ohh fuck man, I want to go to that so bad. Damn school…gl man, I would have loved to meet up with you / play you offline. speaking of which, if you want practice, lemme know, I’ve lvl’d up since we last played.

say hi to johnny cage, joe, darren, bmoney, wong, noel, bomberman joe and all the other LI heads, they are some fun people to hang out with.

gl gl gl gl

Did Wong post a Brawl code by chance?

My 1st Tourney! - Not my first tourney, and certainly not one im hosting. Found this one on SWF. Fifty large. $50.00 to the victor people. That is the largest online prize $ I have seen. To register, enter your info on the page the link takes you too, then register on Final Smash forum, then post in the thread under tournaments.

For those of you who check this… sign up and get that glory, fame, and fortune!