Sup every, I wanted to make this thread for those in Columbia,MO that are looking for that competition and just can’t find it round here. Every Thursday, I’m hosting a hook up for Marvel and AE, so don’t hesitate to hit me up. Anyone who’s looking to do their own hookups, tournaments or whatever else in CoMo or Mid MO can post here as well. I’m also apart of the CoMo Colossal Clashes group on Facebook and we are looking to grow. If you wanna hit me up on Twitter @Extrumentals or talk to them on their new Twitter @CoMoClashes, please do. That said, please have at it as I’ll post when I have something for the community to get together for.

C’mon people, I know ya’ll are somewhere around the area, lets get some casuals in and have some fun. Thursday will be another great hookup for anyone trying to get some games in.