SRK World of Warcraft guild

I know WoW isn’t a fighting game. stfu.

WoW hits the shelves on Nov 23rd, and we’re starting a guild of #capcom and SRK peeps. If you want to join, here’s what you need to do.

  • Play on server #9! This is the PvP, Pacific time zone server.
  • Get the stress test or open beta! Not required, but you can play a few weeks early if you do. Check out for details.

hahahahah LAY DOWN THE LAW

I’ll be on the lookout for WoW.

Guild Wars.


the end is coming say good by to ff11 and those other random rpg’s online

WoW seems like fun, but I enjoy EQ2 much much more. WoW is like the MK of fighting games… fun, sure. Deep, no. EQ2 is like the Street Fighter series, it is much more deep. Plus, the EQ2 engine is built to grow, while WoW is set in stone.

I’m going to be playing EQ2, which starts next tuesday. Just private message me if you wanna start an SRK guild or raid sometime.

No disrespect to WoW, just two different styles of games. I figure this community would rather go with the deeper of the two : )

dark age of camelot > eq

Dorf warrior here.

For Khazmodahn bitches.

If anything, Everquest 2 is the MK with flashy “realistic” graphics and stale movement, compared to the artsy well animated World of Warcraft :slight_smile:

Angrylobster is gonna be on WOW pvp server like white on rice son :karate:

Sorry to be negative, but MMORPGS suck and consume your life. I suggest not playing any of these as they will own you worse then Anniversary Collection.

That is soo true, but for just a second I’m tempted to play because all my friends are gonna play it and there’s an SRK guild!!!

do u have to pay a monthly fee to play WoW? if so how much?

If you can’t limit yourself when playing games, you have a problem. I’ve played a bunch of MMORPGs where I just limited myself to a few hours a day.

Why not just play Guild Wars for PvP? That game is pretty solid IMHO.

I’ll still give WoW a shot, and why the hell is this stickied in FGD?

Everquest 2

Daoc ownz 50 ranger,nightshade,bard,druid,animist,hero and soon to be eld

So basically you need Fileplanet to download the last beta? And it looks like Fileplanet is only handing it out to their paying customers.

How convenient :sad:

Trampy wanna pvp?

it’s all about the horde

how do i access an option menu of some kind? i don’t like playing at 640x480

edit: this game is everquest 1.