SRK walk in medical clinic. 24 hour operation!

So yesterday at work I did the smart thing and cut towards myself with a box cutter and managed to give myself a nice gash. It’s in my index finger and it went in pretty deep. You know those times you cut yourself and you look at the cut and it’s so deep yet you still deny it’s going to bleed, then the blood starts gushing? Yeah.

Anyway, as I sit here and finish up a paper for class, I got to thinking about tetanus. Can’t remember the last time I had a shot in a 5 year period. Takes about 7-20 days to notice any faint signs of infection (fever, headache, basically every symptom for every other damn virus or condition). I used to think it was just for if you received a puncture wound from something contaminated with rust but apparently it’s if anything foreign creates a deep wound.

Tetanus shot or ride it out?

Or ?

pffft grow some balls. When I was in grade 8 I got my foot caught in a fucking lawnmower. When I finished picking up my toes, I hopped ONE FOOT UP HILL to my parents house, and made em drive me to the ER. My dad parked in the fucking maternity ward (yeah Dad, emergency makes you wait in line and get a parking pass first…), and I had to hop UPHILL AGAIN to the front doors of ER. Once inside I got a few shots of grade A painkillers, and watched Hudson Hawk stoned out of my fucking mind.

Only shitty part of that night (other than temporarily losing toes) is that the painkillers wore off WAY too early. Had to hang my foot off the bed until it fell asleep on itself.

Take the shot, for the future also.

Get the shot.

Also, my nutbladder burst once. It wasn’t pleasant.

Hey man, I work as a pharmacist. To be honest I think you’ll probably be ok. With that said, I highly suggest that you get the shot. It’s not worth the risk. I actually gave 2 tetanus shots today at work. =)

Have you had one in a ten year period? It’s recommended to get the shot each 10 years not five lol…

If you can’t remember that far back, best to get the shot anyway but I too doubt that anything will happen.

If I cut myself real deep with a boxcutter I would have my doctor at least take a look at it. Who knows how clean a working place boxcutter is? Do you not have healthcare or something?


Get the shot.

cut the finger completely off. get a lot of strong painkillers. give them to me. holluhhhhhhhhhhh.


indeed, if you are good with you’re shots, fuck it, if not, get one, it’s cheap.

Do you have Health Insurance? Or you mentioned you’re in school, do they have a clinic at the school/university you go to? I would definitely get it checked out.

I once stepped on a rusty nail. The area was really stiff ad numb before I went and got a tetanus shot.