SRK Tech Talk Shirts 2015 Edition

SRK Tech Talk shirts 2015 Edition now available for order.

Shirts available in multiple colors in both mens and womens tees.

Mens Premium Tee - $14.99

American Apparel Mens Tee - $14.99

Women’s Premium Tee - $14.99

Sample images of the shirts can be found here.

Once we get 10 orders, Teespring will print these shirts regardless of whether or not the final goal of 50 is reached.



Payday I’m going to pick up a few.

Once I get paid, I’ll get one for sure!

Picked up a few, props for the color selection!

I decided on Black. Good to go!

might be in for 1, maybe 2. Gotta see where my funds are on October 2nd.

Have my two on order.

Ordered - thanks for sorting this out!

Only 11 orders so far. :frowning:

Pay day is Thursday. You will have at least 14 on that day.

Yeah, I’ve got to cut it a little close since this paycheck is already spoken for, but I’ll be ordering at least one the 9th.

i loved the green one!

do you know about international shipping? :frowning:

I’ll be getting blue and green. Donno which blue I want tho.

Me too. Not sure which blue either. Leaning towards the light since I already have 4-5 tees in the darker shade.

If you see an order for a purple womens you know who it is.

Still only 11 orders. Did anyone make any orders recently? They might not have come been completed.

Mine’s tomorrow