SRK Street Fighter V Match Video Database

Historically, the SF community hasn’t really done that great a job in keeping track of match videos. To help address that in time for the new game, I’ve decided to start a Google Docs spreadsheet to create a foundation for creating a match up database for Street Fighter V (and possible other games moving forward).

The Google Doc can be found here.

Of course, if we’re able to grow this database, and we get the resources, I may look into creating an actual website for this.

For those who want to submit matches, please post with the ff. data.
Date - date when the video was recorded.
Event - which event the match was played at (list “online” for online).
Game version - which version of the game is being played.
Player 1 - who the player on the P1 side is.
Player 1 Character - who P1 is playing in that match.
Player 2 - who the player on the P2 side is.
Player 2 Character - who P2 is playing in that match.
Winner - who the winner of the match is.
Match type - whether the match is a casual match, a tournament match or an exhibition match.
URL - The link to the match (with timestamp if necessary).

Other guidelines: to allow a bit more detail, a video with multiple matches will be allowed multiple entries in the database. To help players got to the exact match, each URL for the match should include the timestamp.

Finally, NO DISCUSSION of the actual matches allowed. Limit discussion to things related to the database, whether it’s new videos, corrections, or suggestions. This is so that the people helping run this database (me so far) can easily track down matches and add them in.

EDIT: Results are now hidden, clicking on the cell should reveal who won.

Current editors:

For anyone who wants to help, please post below (this is one of the exceptions to the no discussion rule).

Game versions:
-Beta 1
-Beta 2
-Laura/Zangief build
-Dhalsim Build

Something like that is a bit too limited for what I eventually want a match video database to be able to do. Instead of just match ups between characters, I’d like for people to also be able to search by players, event and maybe even games.

Google Doc update with video featuring Filipino Champ vs. Tampa Bison and Haunts vs. Tampa Bison.

Added a Laura video from @DaFeetLee

I’m the Karin in this match video

I’m also the Karin in this match video


On a related note, do you remember who the other guys you played against were?

Cool idea. Not a fan personally of knowing who won before I see the match though.

Making a site with searchable criteria like you are asking (by event, games, players, etc) is easy peasy and shouldn’t be much effort.

A function to turn on/off the display for who won the match would be good. Anti climatic to just know who won before watching.

I’m actually working with a friend to do one like this.

Let me see what I can do.

@DaFeetLee Was this you vs Haunts? I’d like to say it was, but I can’t remember. Let me know when you get the chance and I’ll edit the title.

Yes I believe that was Haunts.

Perfect, thanks.

So, does anyone actually want to help me with updating the doc?

What is the end game for this? Like do you want this doc to just be a base for it then you will make a website? Or is the doc more for your internal purposes to later create an actual website?

You could pretty easily make a website that is a basic form, and have the users who are posting in this thread, just fill out the form with all of the info you put into the document, and then you could just store all of it into a database. You could even display what is in the database on another page so people could click on it. That would basically generate that document for you without you having to do anything other than getting the form set up.

I’d recommend checking out Parse as a BaaS. I’m using it right now for a large side project I’m working on and it’s great. You could easily get by with the free package for the time being.

I’ll probably keep the doc alive for the forums. As for the site I want, I’ve already built the base database for it in SQL and I’ve contacted some friends who’ll help me build it. That said, I am considering of getting help from people here to help fill out the data.

I guess my point was you don’t even need to have a doc to maintain and could just have users fill out a form and submit them, and then they would be stored to the db and could just as easily be displayed to people in a table, with no need for a document. And then you would already have all the info in a database and wouldn’t have to transfer from the temporary document to a db.

As a web developer myself, I’d personally go with mongo for something like this over SQL. Much easier for web development. There’s also not much need for a relational database with the data you are storing.

Because I used to administer SQL databases and worked with them for business analysis in a previous career (in other words, I instinctively think of data in a relational model).

Also, my design for the database is relational with, at the very least, separate tables for videos and for matches, so I can link multiple matches to one video. And on top of that, there are other tables for events, games, characters, players, etc. Aside from allowing more robust searches (e.g. searching for matches from a certain player in a specific game at a specific event), it also allows me to harvest alot of data. I mean, yes videos only represent a portion of all matches played, and that accuracy of the data is also dependent on the people who report it, but with a large enough pool of data, we can learn alot of things about how people are playing the game.