SRK poster ThePurpleBunny Turns down 1k Prize fight with Mlg Champ Reo

Despite he was never offered anything to begin with, ThePurpleBunny has decided that he also doesn’t want participate on a MK fight against MLG champion Reo, he says in his post that it is because he wants someone to dedicate a thread about him, but there could be more reasons behind his decision, we can only speculate about it.

wow gd is really slow these days

there needs to be more threads about TPB

Someone pleeeeeeeeeeease take the challenge!

The world of eh-deportes depends on it!

This was gonna be a match to remember.

edit: What’s MK?

Mario Kart

Mario Kart.



I challenge ThePurpleBunny to a ft10 in Tech Romancer.

Come at me.


Your know, REO turned me down for my Shaq Fu prize fight. I think there’s another thread to be created.

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But Mario Kart isn’t a real fighting game!

Mario Kart was at EVO, close enough!

For the record, CTR > MK

psh, get at me in golden axe.

QFT, the 1st CRT was way better than any MK, man, i expended possibly thousands of hours on that game playing it at competitive level :looney:

It was the first game I 100%

Loved Oxide’s track

Those cheating-ass bosses!

Loved playing CTR, though.

FZero > Crash…still loved the shit out of those games. Though MKart 7 is really good apparently.

Sent from Cyber Athlete Academy

Revenge of Death Adder or vanilla? :coffee:

eSports is fucking retarded.

CTR >>>> FZ, MK