SRK Mafia XVIII: Phoenix Wright - Back in Session -- Turnabout Icege (GAME OVER -- CIVILIANS WIN!)

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of SRK Mafia! This one will be the last one before the All-Star break, and it’s a throwback game! This would be a great time to jump in and test your mettle for the next All-Star game! Special thanks to @NoodleHead for introducing this very awesome format to SRK, and hope you come back to us soon! Also, a big thumbs up to @AlphaCommando for the awesome role cards that he has been so kind as to share so that I can recycle them for this game.

Phoenix, having survived his last excursion to the alternate universes, finds himself trapped yet again. The death of an old friend leads him to once again help the Jury snuff out the Corrupt. But this time, everything is more than it seems…

Overall game idea (if you’re new to Mafia games):
30 people get thrown into a situation where you don’t know who to trust. Each day the Jury Members get together and decides to kill somebody, to try and find The Corrupt. After a vote, the person with the most votes is killed by the Jury Members. At night, everyone goes back to their beds to sleep, and The Corrupt get their turn to kill people. If The Corrupt have the same amount of people as the Jury, they win the game. If the Jury Members kill all The Corrupt, they win. You win or lose as a team, not individually, so do your best to help your team out!

25 Person sign up
19/18 Town
6/7 Mafia (See below)



Franziska Von Karma: Elite Detective (Detective/UC) – In addition to the regular civ’s duty, the Undercover has the power to investigate a single target every night. The affiliation will be revealed to the UC at the end of the night (INNOCENT targets will return INNOCENT/GUILTY targets will return GUILTY). If the UC chooses to target themself, or if the UC’s target matches those of dUC’s, Medic’s, or Mafia’s [NO KILL] on the same night, the result will return “INCONCLUSIVE.” The UC cannot investigate players who are already dead. Moreover, UC’s investigation on dUC/Vigilante will yield “GUILTY.”

Dick Gumshoe: Foolish Detective (Detective/dUC) – In addition to the regular civ’s duty, the Dumbass Undercover has the power to investigate a single target every night. The OPPOSITE of the target’s true affiliation will be revealed to the dUC at the end of the night (INNOCENT targets will return GUILTY/GUILTY targets will return INNOCENT). If the dUC chooses to target themself, or if the dUC’s target matches those of UC’s, Medic’s, or Mafia’s [NO KILL] on the same night, the result will return “INCONCLUSIVE.” The dUC cannot investigate players who are already dead. Moreover, the dUC’s investigation on a UC/Vigilante will yield “INNOCENT.”


  1. When receiving “UC” roles, both UC and dUC will only know themselves as “UC.” The identity of dUC will not be revealed until the end of the game. No matter which UC is killed during the game, the story will only reveal that the “UC” is dead.
  2. [Evidence Theft]: The name of the dUC’s target will be revealed to the Mafia next day. However, it does not reveal the target’s role. During the game, if one of the UC’s dies, the mafia will stop receiving the names of the investigation target from that point and onward, regardless of which UC is killed. If the Mafia side chooses to go for Option #2 of {Turnabout Dilemma}, then the names of the investigated from both UC and dUC will be given to mafia every night until one of the UC’s dies (i.e. [Evidence Counterfeit]).
  3. The UC’s or dUC’s night action will be interrupted if they are protected by the Medic, and/or are the target of [NO KILL] for the night. The investigation result will return as “BOTCHED.”
  4. If UC/dUC happens to investigate the target that is “protected” by the medic, and/or is the target of Mafia’s [NO KILL], the result will return as “INCONCLUSIVE.”

Maya Fey: Spirit Medium (Medic) – In addition to the regular civ’s duty, the Medic gets to protect a single target (except themself) every night from Vigilante and/or Mafia’s kills.


  1. If the Medic happens to protect a special civ, they will also interrupt his action. The Vigi cannot kill on the same night as they are protected by the Medic, and the UC/dUC cannot investigate on the same night as they are under protection by the Medic (i.e. “BOTCHED”).
  2. If the UC/dUC’s night target is “protected” by the Medic, the investigation result will be “INCONCLUSIVE.”
  3. The Medic’s protection for the night becomes ineffective under Mafia’s [NO KILL].

Diego Armando: Rogue Proscutor (Vigilante) – In addition to the regular civ’s duty, the Vigilante gains one stock kill at night for each special civ kill by Mafia at night. The Vigilante also gains a stock kill if Mafia enacts [SACRIFICE] as the UC or the Medic. The Vigi’s kill stock resets to 0 if the Mafia enacts [SACRIFICE] as the Vigilante. The Vigilante starts off the game with 0 stock kills. If a UC/dUC/Medic is killed, the Vigilante gains a kill stock on the next night. If investigated, the investigation result for the Vigilante comes back as “GUILTY” when investigated by UC, and is “INNOCENT” when investigated by dUC.


  1. The Vigilante may store all their kill stock for as long as they want, as long as they are alive. However, they can only kill one person per night.
  2. The Vigilante’s night action will be interrupted by the Medic if the Vigilante is under their protection for the night, or if Vigilante is the target of [NO KILL].
  3. The Vigilante’s kill stock is reset to 0 if the Mafia enacts [SACRIFICE] as the Vigilante, or when Vigilante is killed during the game.
  4. The Vigilante’s kill stock count is reported whenever the condition of stock increment/decrement is met, regardless of the Vigilante’s status.

Jury Member - Standard civilian role. You must do what it takes to help vote out The Corrupt.


The Corrupt (Mafia) - In addition to the regular civ’s duty, the Mafia may kill one player per night. The Mafia may also use [NO KILL] or [SACRIFICE] as they see fit.

[NO KILL] - If the Mafia side enacts [NO KILL], the night will end with a fabricated story that a Player (of the Mafia’s choice) is targeted by Mafia but is protected by the Medic. [NO KILL] is enacted before the Medic and the Vigi’s action. Under [NO KILL]:

  • The Mafia cannot kill or [SACRIFICE] for the night.
  • The Medic’s protection for the night becomes ineffective.
  • Both [NO KILL] and the Medic’s “protected” targets are “INCONCLUSIVE” upon investigation.
  • The Vigi is able to kill the target of Medic’s protection, but not the target of [NO KILL].
  • If the Vigi is the target of [NO KILL], the Vigi’s action is interrupted.
  • If the UC/dUC is the target of [NO KILL], the targeted UC/dUC’s investigation will return as “BOTCHED.”

[SACRIFICE] - If the Mafia side enacts [SACRIFICE], the identity of the dead Mafia member may be revealed in the write-up as any civilian roles (Regular, Vigi, Medic, or UC) of their choice, and is allowed a last gasp. In [SACRIFICE] mode, the Cause of Death can be fabricated to their own liking (i.e. killed by Vigi, or killed by Mafia). Such a move will NOT change the dead mafia’s affiliation. (Therefore, if mafia side wins, he wins.) Under [Sacrifice]:

  • The Mafia cannot kill for the night.
  • The [Sacrifice] may be “saved” by the Medic if they are the target of the Medic’s protection for the night.
  • If the [Sacrifice] chooses the UCs or the Medic as their Death Role, The Vigi gains a kill stock.
  • If the [Sacrifice] chooses the Vigi as their Cause of Death, the [Sacrifice] must choose another player to be protected by the Medic from the Mafia in the write-up. The Vigi loses a kill stock as a result.
  • if the Mafia enacts [SACRIFICE] as the Vigi, The actual Vigi’s kill stock will be reset to 0.

Turnabout Mechanic:

This is a special mechanic that will be chosen before the start of the game by The Corrupt. They choose one of two options:

Option #1: An extra mafia member (+1, chosen by the Mafia side) with the above rules. Only the dUC’s investigating target will be given to mafia side every night until one of the two UCs is killed. [Evidence Theft]


Option #2: No bonus mafia member, but Mafia receive names from both UC and dUC’s investigated targets every night (in the form of UC: player 1; dUC: player2) until one of the two UC’s is killed. [Evidence Counterfeit][/spoiler]


The game will cycle between day phase and night phase. In order to keep things consistent, we will be running a 48 hour cycle split into 2 phases, which will always start/stop at the same time.

Day phase will last 36 hours. (11PM to 11AM EST/11AM to 11PM ChST) During this phase, players must decide who they want to lynch. All votes are done publicly in the thread, and may be changed up until deadline.

Players who do not submit their lynch vote before the deadline for two day phases will be DQ’d. (This is two day phases, period, and no longer two consecutive day phases. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND, AS THIS IS A RULE CHANGE) They will be listed as dead, and their role revealed. They will not receive a last gasp if they are a Jury Member.

Night phase will last 12 hours. (11AM to 11PM EST/11PM to 11AM ChST) During this phase, The Corrupt must decide who they want to kill to use [SACRIFICE] or [NO KILL]. People with night actions must PM their choices before the deadline.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

Night Phase Order of Actions:

[NO KILL] -> Maya -> Franziska/Gumshoe -> Mafia Night Kill/[SACRIFICE] -> Diego -> Turnabout

No Lynch is always a valid voting choice at all phases of the game. You must vote publicly in the thread, and may change your vote up until the the last minute of the day phase. Let me iterate it by saying I WILL NOT COUNT ANY VOTE THAT HAS A TIME STAMP ONE MINUTE AFTER DEADLINE. Basically, :00 good, :01 bad.

Last Gasp
When a townsfolk is killed, they are able to make a last gasp. PM me with your message and I will post it into the thread; do not post into the thread yourself. If you feel the need to make a post in game after your death, keep it non game related (“nice game guys”) and keep it to one post only. Posting anything game related after death will result in a ban, the length of which will be determined by myself, Pimp Willy, SWBeta, and NoodleHead, possibly others should others begin running games.

People Banned From Playing:
Combo_Knight (2 game ban)
bloodymess (1 game ban)
Exodus. (2 game ban)
GodotsRevenge (2 game ban)
Sumazndude (2 game ban)

Notes On Game Size:
We should be able to scale down the game if we cannot get 30, and scale it up if we have a huge interest. But I’d like to aim for 30 people.

First dibs go to people who have played before, as well as people who registered pre 2013 (just to avoid new people who won’t necessarily follow the game). We’ve had a big problem with inactivity in the past, and I’d like to make sure people are interested. So if you are a 2013er/2014er, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically out, it will come down to my discretion, so still sign up!

The game will start at 11:00 AM CST (Central Standard Time). This will start the first day phase. The first day phase will last 48 hours. Be sure to check in on the thread during this time if you are in the game.

If you want some examples of past games, check out the leaderboard thread for the entire list.

Current Sign Ups:

  1. @Augustus
  2. @Saitsu
  3. @orochizoolander
  4. @AlphaCommando
  5. @ForgeDigger
  6. @crucades
  8. @RadicalFuzz
  9. @Vynce
  10. @Hecatom
  11. @XthAtGAm3RGuYX
  12. @IWinALot
  13. @jasonC
  14. Pimp Willy
  15. @Bious
  16. @Blindknagg
  17. @Icege
  18. @Synonym
  19. The Co-Jones
  20. @Aidebit
  21. @SoVi3t
  22. The Chief
  23. @DukeC
  24. great cow lord
  25. @Dandyman90


  1. @DarkGeneral

Point Accruances In This Game:
Participate in the game: 1 point
You win as an Jury Member: 2 points
You win as The Corrupt: 3 points
You survive until the end of the game: 1 point
You survive with a Jury role: 1 point (adds on to the above point)
You win as The Corrupt without losing the turnabout: 1 point
Jury: You are part of the majority on a lynch that kills The Corrupt: 1 point
Franziska/Dick: You successfully investigate The Corrupt: 1 point
Franziska/Dick: Your investigation comes back inconclusive: -1 point
Maya: You successfully protect a Jury Member from a night kill: 1 point
Maya: You successfully protect The Corrupt from a night kill: -1 point
Maya: You commit a sikwidit (protect Franziska or Dick): -1 point
Diego: You successfully kill The Corrupt: 1 point


**Day 1: Turnabout The Co-Jones | Write-Up / Last Gasp
Night 1.5: Turnabout RadicalFuzz | Write-Up / Last Gasp
Night 1: Turnabout Dandyman90 | Write-Up / Last Gasp
Day 2: Turnabout AlphaCommando | Write-Up / Last Gasp
Night 2: Turnabout Vynce | Write-Up | Last Gasp
Day 3: Turnabout IWinALot | Write-Up
Night 3: Turnabout Synonym | Write-Up / Last Gasp
Day 4: Turnabout jasonC | Write-Up
Night 4: Turnabout RECESSIONTIME | Write-Up / Last Gasp
Day 5: Turnabout DarkGeneral | Write-Up
Night 5: Turnabout The Chief | Write-Up / Last Gasp

A brand new episode has been unlocked.

> Episode 2: Turnabout LordWilliam1234 <

Nick…” a soft voice sighed next to him, tugging him out of his slumber. His eyes slowly pulled open. He turned to the side the voice eminated from, letting his blurred vision adjust…

…to the sight of Mia Fey underneath the sheets next to him. “Last night was the most amazing night of my life.”

This couldn’t be real. He knew it. He was in bed with Mia, but yet he knew she was…

…unless he was also…

No. He knew he wasn’t. He was very much alive and well. But even if this wasn’t real, he wanted to enjoy it.

He inspected the room, the atmosphere. But most of all, he watched Mia. He watched her breathing, the rising and falling of her exquisite chest. He admired her smiling back at him.

The smile of his mentor, lying next to him was incredible to take in…

Mr. Wright,” he heard from the older voice in front of him. He jumped back.

It was all just a dream of course. But in the middle of court proceedings…?

That just wasn’t possible. He was in bed, asleep, Mia at his side. Or was it…?

Mr. Wright!” the judge beckoned again. “Is the defense ready?”

“I-um–” Phoenix stammered. The defense? For what case? Who was he defending? He had to answer soon.

He nodded. “Yes, your honor, I am–”


He gasped.

MAYA! Don’t freak me out like that!”

She grabbed his arm. “We have to go, now!”

“But I’m the middle of court.”

She tugged harder. “It doesn’t matter. This is more important.”

He attempted to plead more, but suddenly the room went white.

His eyes adjusted to his surroundings. A green sign informed him of his location: Compton, California. Around him, 25 people, not counting the judge. In the middle of the group, a large pit.


“Oh God, not again!” Phoenix said with his shoulder’s slumped.

Nick!” Maya pleaded, “They need your help!”

“Yes,” one of them stated from amongst the crowd. “Our mayor, Lord William MCCXXXIV was killed the other day. There is a group calling themselves The Corrupt who are responsible.”

“Nope,” Phoenix shook his head. “Not interested. Send me back home.”

Nick!Maya furiously shouted. “What about defending the innocent?”

“Not in another universe. Not after last time. I almost lost my mind.”

“But,” another voice spoke up. “We apprehended one of them, but he’s claiming innocence. He says he’s a friend. Goes by the name of Butz.”

Phoenix perked his head up.

“Bring me to see him.”

Tuesday, September 30, 8:00PM
Compton Detention Center

Larry looked distraught.

“You have to help me!” he pleaded. “I’m innocent, I tell ya!”

“Calm down, Larry,Phoenix said. “Now, tell me, where were you on the night that Lord William was killed?”

“I was…” Larry’s voice trained off has he looked at the ground.

“I need to know, Larry.

“I was with a woman! We were in bed together, and she…”

“I don’t need to know about who you put what in, just where–”

“I didn’t put anything inside her!” Larry shouted, tears streaming down his face.

“What?” Phoenix said. Suddenly, he had flashbacks. Pink and white. Strawberries. Logan. “Oh…OH MY GOD!”

“IT FEELS SO WRONG, AND SO RIGHT!” Phoenix thought he could make out a smirk on the guard’s otherwise stoic face at Larry’s exclamation. “But then, the police came, and she claimed I was the one who killed him. Matter of fact, all of my ladies pointed fingers at me after that!”

“Your other ladies don’t happen to have…” Phoenix strugged to get the words out.

“DON’T JUDGE ME!” Larry shouted.

“Oh God…” Phoenix lurched back, repulsed at the thought. He was stuck in a world with another group of Corrupt, this time not only morally, but gender-wise as well.

“And there is no other alibi?” Larry shook his head.

Phoenix sighed. Absolutely nothing could save Larry at this point. The lynch mob in Compton would have his head fast, especially if Lord William happened to be black.

“I’ll do what I can to help you,” Phoenix said, seeing Larry’s countenance quickly change.

“You mean it? You’ll be my lawyer?”


“Oh I’m so happy, I could kiss you right now!”


Tuesday, September 30, 8:30 PM
The Bottomless Pit

He had already started to piece together his evidence, but it was certainly lacking. From what he could gather from the police, very little had been known about Lord William’s actual cause of death, due to the fact that his skull was stolen. It took a day for it to be recovered from an individual who had said it was sold to him and billed as an ash tray. From that point, they could run an autopsy and find that on top of a gunshot wound to the head, Lord William may have also died from ingesting too much cigarette ash.

He had very little hope in the local police. Or his client for that matter. It looked bleak for Larry.

But like Mia had always told him, “Believe in your convictions.”

If only he could find those convictions. Hopefully he would, and be able to clear Larry’s name and put an end to this gaggle of shemales causing havoc.

But he would have to convince a whole new jury.

DAY 1 HAS BEGUN. Please submit your lynch votes in this thread until Thursday, October 2nd, at 11:00AM CST. Votes may be changed up until deadline.

You may vote with the following format:

Player is GUILTY

Please be sure to make your votes boldfaced.



Player List
The Chief
The Co-Jones
great cow lord
Pimp Willy

*Note: There are no hints nor any information to glean from this or any write-up and is for entertainment purposes only.


Alright, I’m ready this time. No half assing it. A decisive win with decisive evidence.

Checking in before I watch porn because I’m going straight to sleep afterwards.

Sup guys.

All right.

PW- I’m curious if you realize how incriminating your actions come across sometimes.

Imagine: You’re a Capcom. You make your juror #10 post, with the understanding that the Marvels among us may or may not have received their PMs. Turns out, we hadn’t. And your card is played but that’s all right- HERE’S WHAT I ACTUALLY MEANT

And we’re pacified. “Aha. Fuckin’ PW.” Now we’re to be at ease.

Walking the line. There’s an art to it, as you know.

Checking in.

We picked Synonym.

Hi guys. Hopefully this is as fun as a phoenix wright game, maybe ill play some PW music in the background when i read this thread. I am playing from my phone and its kinda buggy right now so forgive me if i cant respond right away.

Let’s start this game off offensively.

** Lynch RadicalFuzz**

He’s acting strange.

Lynch DarkGeneral

Also checking in.

Vynce its a little early to start peddling jesus toast. Had you followed the thread you’d know I was literally in jury service and not trying to pull something. But I like the attention. Can you polish my knob while you’re down there?

I’m a fuckign idiot edited that to put checking in. I changed nothing else about it. Great I just got out of school and I already fucked up

We’re not even a page in and we already got an edit in.

Last warning about editing. Next one WILL RESULT in a DQ.

Well damn Gamerguy.

SMH. This is why you should always get in the habit of double posting whenever you play mafia.

(PW stuff)

you’re missing my bigger point

OMG xX420BallinBoi69Xx just re-DQ’d

The main reason I’m showing some lenience here is the fact that TGG started playing mafia in Hecatom’s game. Hecatom allowed editing.

But this will be the last bit of lenience I show, else DarkGeneral comes in super early.