SRK Mafia XV - DBZ! Game Over!

Episode List:[details=Spoiler]
Day 1 - Space Australian Karaoke
Night 1 - Skizzz with 3 Zs
Day 2 - OolongZoolander’s Sacrifice
Night 2 - SADazndude
Day 3 - 3SL’s Ascension
Night 3 - Who needs a Full Nelson?
Day 4 - Kaz-bot Status: Offline
Night 4 - Death of a Legend
Day 5 - Death of a Tyrant
Night 5 - Massive Damage
Day 6 - Pecking Order
Night 6 - The Plan
Day 7 - Ginyu Tokusentai![/details]

Z Warriors (Civilians):[details=Spoiler]


Frieza and his soldiers (Mafia):[details=Spoiler]


Rules, stolen for the umpteenth time from Missing Person:[details=Spoiler]

  1. Do not edit ANY POSTS. Period. For any reason. Do not ask us to verify with mods that you did not have any malicious intent in editing your posts, we will not do it. Do not provide me with any photographic evidence of your edits. There are going to be no warnings this time, just DQ’s. Habitual editors will be banned. We have had this BS happen way too much during these last two games. If you have anything to add, or any clarifications to typos to make, or a broken image/link in your post, create a new post to address it.

  2. Do not PM anyone playing the game. If you are mafia, keep your PMs in the mafia conversation. If you’re one of the lovers, keep your PMs inside the Lovers conversation. You should not be PMing anyone else if you are them, and if you aren’t, you have no business using the PM inbox at all regarding this game. If you have any questions regarding gameplay, PM me. If someone PMs you that shouldn’t be, do not mention it in the thread, just PM me with the the contents of it. PM’ing once will result in a DQ. Habitually doing so will result in a ban. (Things not game related will not result in any penalty, but to keep the integrity of the game, if someone playing PMs you, please report it to me.)

  3. No coaching after you’re dead. This includes outside of SRK. I don’t care what format you’re thinking of using, be it, AIM, MSN, Skype, Smoke Signals, Texts, Morse Code. Don’t do it. Also, because this has happened recently, I will not verify any of your hunches after you die. Keep it to yourself, take it to the Loser’s Lounge, if someone shares information they know, don’t bring it to anyone else’s attention that’s still in the game. If someone does this, PM me with the proof, and that person will face a ban.

  4. No discussing or plotting to break or bend the rules in your PMs, lovers and mafia. I’ll be in those conversations anyway, so that should go without saying. But just in case you think you can do it while I’m sleeping, think again. If you start discussing something that I don’t immediately catch, and that action is taken, once I find out, the perpetrator of the act and the instigator will both receive bans and DQs.

  5. If you are lovers or mafia, you will not be allowed into the Loser’s Lounge until you leave the PM conversation after you die. It’s not entirely clear on how you do this by looking at it, but upon your death, simply click “Delete Conversation” on the left-hand side of the screen. This will only delete it on your end, and no one else’s.

6 Do not try to get removed from the game after it already starts, or try to break the rules to get DQ’d. If something super unexpected happens, I’ll try to be reasonable, but overall, if you know you’re going to be busy, and unable to play at all, don’t sign up. If you suddenly see a full schedule hit your plate just before we start, ask me to take your name off the list, and I’ll put in an alternate. After we start, I’m not going to take your name off unless you have a really good reason, and I can find an alternate to take your place. Otherwise, don’t deliberately break a rule just to get a DQ. You will not just get a DQ, but banned.

  1. Do not post any PMs, even as a joke. If you are going to make an image joke regarding PMs, at least make it obvious that it’s a joke (e.g. make it using MSPaint.)

  2. English only in game. No foreign languages allowed. This prevents the open flow of information. I will make certain exceptions for certain foreign words that have entered the English vernacular, such as “Hasta la vista,” or “Por que?” but an entire post in a foreign language will not be permitted.

  3. No speaking in codes allowed. This includes coded messages via encryption and password protected files, but speaking in cryptic messages, i.e. “the moth is in the tent”, is allowed.[/details]

Because it’s so different than any game we’ve had in a while, I want to stress this right now to make sure everyone knows: All votes will be submitted in the thread. Please bold and underline the phrase “Lynch: Player” to ensure I see it. Votes can be changed at any time. In that case please type “Unlynch: Player”. I will not post lynch tallies during the day phase, only with the writeups. No Lynching is allowed. If the vote tally is tied at deadline then the result will be a No Lynch. Votes and other actions can be changed any number of times before deadline.

If a player does not vote in a day phase that player will be reminded to vote in their PM. If they do not vote for two day phases in a row that player will be removed from the game and put on 1-game probation, where any further offenses will result in a temporary ban from Mafia.

If you have a problem with any of the rules listed that does not give you permission to break them. The proper response would be to PM me and make your case that the rule in question is unfair and explain your point. If you convince me that the rule has an obvious, extremely negative impact on the game then I may change it mid-game. If not, then deal with it until after the game where you can make your case to everyone publicly and try to get the rule removed from any future games.

Goku laid down on the grass and looked up at the clouds. Things had been quiet ever since he and the Z Warriors defeated Vegeta a while back. Gohan's studies were going well, which made Chichi happy. And when Chichi was happy she cooked way better, Goku thought with a smile. Piccolo had actually been giving Gohan fighting lessons too. A bit harsh, but he had good intentions.

But this peace had come at a great cost. Yamcha, Tien, & Chiaotzu had sacrificed themselves to slow down the Saiyans. And since they'd all been wished back by the Dragon Balls once already there was no way to bring them back a second time. Well, Kami had said there might be a way but he didn't explain. Or at least, Goku didn't know what he was saying when he did explain. He was really hungry. And thinking about that was just making him hungry again. He got up and was about to fly home for lunch when he suddenly vanished into thin air.

Goku reappeared in a grassy field, but the grass wasn't the right color of green, it was almost blue. And the trees looked different too, they were long and thin with a few leaves in a clump near the top. And Yamcha was next to the weird tree. Wait, Yamcha!?

"Yamcha how are you here? This doesn't look like Other World, so that means you're alive?"

"Uh, I guess so. You don't know what's happening either? Maybe someone figured out a way to wish us bac-" 

A large bald man laughed. "Hey pally, long time no see. I thought my little Saibamen took you out though, how are you doing? Have you been keeping track of that exploding problem you have, I'd sure hate if you had another little outbreak"

The Saiyan Nappa, who was killed by Vegeta during their attempted invasion of Earth, and Yamcha, who had been exploded by one of Nappa's Saibamen, were both standing right in front of Goku. And, looking around, Goku saw a lot of other people too. Some he recognized, like his son, Krillin, and even Vegeta, but some he had never seen before. A funny-looking short alien with a long tail, a little girl, a tall green alien with a strange shell around his head, and more. 

Before introductions could be made a voice came from the sky. "Greetings warriors, and welcome to the planet Namek. I have crossed the boundaries of life, time, and space to gather you here for one purpose. I wish to be entertained, but not by fighting in the sense you are familiar with. All of you standing before me, whether you know it or not, serve either good or evil. The game you'll play is to kill every member of the opposing faction. However, I have imposed many restrictions on all of you to give the weaker among you a chance of victory. The winning fighters will be returned to their worlds and each granted a wish, free of any limitations whatsoever. The losing fighters will remain dead in a special part of Hell I will personally oversee for all eternity. To prevent any outside bonds from affecting the game I have hindered your ability to sense power levels or hide your own, and everyone present must take an alias from a list I provide. So, without further ado, let us begin!"

A table with a small box appeared in the clearing. There was a list next to the box, presumably those were all the aliases inside it. That must be the list of names, Goku thought as he eyed the 27 other people he was stuck on this planet with. Normally he'd be able to sense their power levels but now even familiar ones like his own son's were out of his reach. Some of the people on this planet were very precious to him and he had to do his best to make sure they didn't get caught up in this madness. He simply had to win this game, there was no other option, he thought as he walked to the box and put his hand in.

"Oh, one more thing" the booming voice continued. "I've brought a television crew here to air this as a reality show on your home planets. Just ignore them and act natural"

A camera crew popped into existence followed shortly by a man many of the fighters present recognized. He had angled blonde hair above a face permanently shrouded in sunglasses. He had been informed on the situation and started doing what he did best.

"Allllrighty folks, let's get this show on the road! 28 fierce combatants are locked in an all new kind of struggle, a battle of both mind and muscles, of brains and brawn! Which side will be victorious? Will good triumph over evil? Will the combined powers of evil prove too much for our heroes? Find out next time, on **SRK Mafia XV**!"

It is now Day 1. Night phase will begin at 10 PM Central Standard Time on Friday the 11th and will last 12 hours. Future Day phases will last 36 hours.

Order of Actions:[details=Spoiler]
Enforcer Roleblock & Martyr

Comrade Kill


Detective & Forger

Vigi & Mafia Kills

Silencer Ability

If Mafia kills the Vigi at night his kill will also go through. The Comrade kill will bypass Medic protection but not Martyr protection. The Enforcer Roleblock will not work on the Martyr. If a player is dead before their turn in the order their ability doesn't activate.[/details]

**Mafia Roles**:

Godfather - Submits the night kill. Returns "Innocent" if investigated. If the Godfather dies night kill permission will be passed down the rest of the Mafia in this order, though they will still return "Guilty". Ginyu, Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, Zarbon. If the Mafia believes that the Godfather is unreliable and will not submit kills in time they may vote to give the night kill responsibility to another person. Of the seven Mafia, five votes are required to change the night kill responsibility to another person. These votes must clarify who shall gain the responsibility. Frieza will retain his appearance of "Innocent" if his night kill power is taken away from him, and he will only regain the night kill power if he is the last Mafia alive.

Enforcer - You may target one player each night, excluding yourself. That player's role, if any, is nullified. The result of the Enforce will not be known to any players

Silencer - You may target one player at night, including yourself. That player can not talk or vote for the next day and night phase. This ability can't be used to force someone out of the game for not voting twice in a row. Recoome can not silence people two nights in a row

Comrade - You have a particularly strong kinship with another Ginyu Force member. If that Mafia dies then you go into a rage and gain the ability to make one kill on any player in the game. This ability can be used in both day phase and night phase, but will only last for two phases. For example, Burter dies on Night 2. Jeice can make a kill in Day 3, Night 3, Day 4, or Night 4, but he loses the kill after that

Forger - You may target one player each night, including yourself. If investigated, that player will return the opposite result of what they normally would. A Civilian will return "Guilty" and a Mafia will return "Innocent"

Fabulous - You have no role. However, your presence makes the Mafia significantly more good looking than they would otherwise be.

**Civilian Roles**:

Medic - You may target one player each night, including yourself. That player is immune to any night kills from the Mafia for that night. They are still vulnerable to any kills made by the Vigilante

Detective - You may target one player each night, excluding yourself. You will receive a report that reads "Innocent" or "Guilty" depending on that player's allegiance

Vigilante - You may target one player each night, excluding yourself. That player will be killed and you will lose a stock. You begin the game with one stock and gain an additional stock when a Mafia member dies by any means

Martyr - You may target one player each night, excluding yourself. If that player would be killed by the Mafia that night you're killed in their place. If you die in this fashion you may no longer post, vote, or use the reaction buttons, but you do not leave the game. You will instead be put into a PM with the Vigilante and allowed to discuss the game with him

Lovers - You have a particularly strong kinship with another Civilian. You begin the game in a PM with him

Namekian - You have no role, your only job is to kill the Mafia by voting during the day[/details]

List of Players:[details=Spoiler]
Missing Person
The Chief
The Co-Jones

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