SRK MAFIA IX -- South Park: The Return of Darth Chef -- Sign-up Thread

Welcome to the ninth edition of SRK Mafia! I’ve decided to give Pimp Willy, SWBeta, and NoodleHead a break in running these games, and run one myself. Special shouts go to Pimp Willy and NoodleHead for looking over the game mechanics for me to ensure proper balance. I hope you have fun, and if you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

Darth Chef has returned to South Park, with a vengenace. He has recruited several people to help the Super Adventure Club establish dominance in South Park, thus ensuring they can set up headquarters there to plan their expeditions to molest small children uninhibited. It’s up to the residents of South Park to sniff out that fruity little club and kill them once and for all.

Overall game idea (if you’re new to Mafia games):
25 people get thrown into a situation where you don’t know who to trust. Each day the town gets together and decides to kill somebody, to try and find the Super Adventure Club. After a vote, the person with the most votes is killed by the townsfolk. At night, everyone goes back to their beds to sleep, and the Super Adventure Club get their turn to kill people. If the Super Adventure Club has the same amount of people as the Town, they win the game. If the town kills all the Super Adventure Club, they win. You win or lose as a team, not individually, so do your best to help your team out!

25 Person sign up
19 Town
6 Mafia


South Park:



South Park Resident: You are responsible for submitting votes for lynches in Day Phase, and trying to stay alive during night phase. Do your best to help South Park eliminate the Super Adventure Club.


Token Black: During Day Phase, you may choose to sacrifice yourself so that the person who would normally be lynched survives.


Dr. Alphonse Mephisto: At night, you may choose one target. If that person is the target of a kill by the Super Adventure Club or Jimbo, they will be protected. You may not target yourself.


Kyle Broflovski: You may choose one target at night. If that target is a Super Adventure Club member, the result will return as guilty. If they are a South Park Resident, the results will return as innocent.


Jimbo Kern - At night, you may choose one target. That target will die, and their role will be revealed. Unless you are forged by Butters, you will be investigated as innocent.


Stan Marsh - You may maintain a PM Conversation with Wendy during the game, symbolic of your relationship. If you die, the identity of Wendy will be revealed to the Super Adventure Club.


Wendy Testaburger - You may maintain a PM Conversation with Stan during the game, symbolic of your relationship. If you die, the identity of Stan will be revealed to the Super Adventure Club.


Kenny McCormick - Upon death, you do not leave the thread. You can no longer vote or be counted as a South Park Resident. You do not receive a last gasp or enter the Loser’s Lounge. You continue to discuss the game with the South Park residents.

Super Adventure Club:



Darth Chef - You are always innocent when investigated. You are responsible for submitting the night kills to the Game Master every night phase.


Eric Cartman - You are able to choose a target every night phase. That target cannot use their ability. If it a night ability, they cannot use it that night. If it is a day ability, they cannot use it during the next day phase.


Leopold “Butters” Stotch - You may choose one target each night. If that target is also targeted by Kyle for investigation that night, his investigation results are reversed. You may not target yourself.


Officer Barbrady - You may choose one target each night. That target will be put in jail during the next day and night phase, and will not be able to talk, vote, or use their ability. You can only lock the same person in jail one time.


Club Member - You are tasked with helping the Super Adventure Club decide who to kill and target during night phase, and helping them stay alive in the game.

NOTE: These are the exact images I will send via PM when I assign roles. There will be no passwords anyone can garner from these role descriptions, since everything is out in the open.


The game will cycle between day phase and night phase. In order to keep things consistent, we will be running a 48 hour cycle split into 2 phases, which will always start/stop at the same time.

Day phase will last 36 hours. (11AM to 11PM CST - China Standard Time. I will also post up your local time when I post phases. More on this at the bottom. For now, I will at least show EST to be 11PM to 11AM.) During this phase, players must decide who they want to lynch. All votes are done privately through PM. People with day abilities must PM their choices by the end of the day phase.

Players who do not submit their lynch vote before the deadline two day phases in a row will be DQ’d. They will be replaced by an available alternate if available. If no alternates remain, they will be listed as dead and their roles will be revealed. If they are Kenny, they will not be allowed to exercise their ability.

Night phase will last 12 hours. (11PM to 11AM CST - See above. EST is 11AM to 11PM.) During this phase, the Super Adventure Club must decide who they want to kill. People with night actions must PM their choices before the deadline.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

No Lynch is always a valid voting choice at all phases of the game. Your choice must be PMd to me by the end of the day phase. Votes cannot be changed once PMd. Include your day ability choices in the PM (though you can vote and wait on your ability if you feel the need to)

Votes will be publicly revealed in the thread at the end of the day phase.

When you die, your allegiance as well as your role will be revealed.

Last Gasp
When a townsfolk is killed, they are able to make a last gasp. PM me with your message and I will post it into the thread; do not post into the thread yourself. If you feel the need to make a post in game after your death, keep it non game related (“nice game guys”) and keep it to one post only. Posting anything game related after death will result in a ban, the length of which will be determined by myself, Pimp Willy, SWBeta, and NoodleHead, possibly others should others begin running games.

People Banned From Playing:
SoVi3t (3 game ban)

People On Probation (Can play, but next offense results in 2-game ban):
The Co-Jones (1 game probation)

Notes On Game Size:
We should be able to scale down the game if we cannot get 25, and scale it up if we have a huge interest. But I’d like to aim for 25 people.

First dibs go to people who have played before, as well as people who registered pre 2012 (just to avoid new people who won’t necessarily follow the game). We’ve had a big problem with inactivity in the past, and I’d like to make sure people are interested. So if you are a 2012er/2013er, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically out, it will come down to my discretion, so still sign up!

The game will start at 11:00 PM CST (Again, China Standard Time) on July 20 (This means 11:00AM on July 20th EST). This will start the first day phase. The first day phase will last 48 hours. Be sure to check in on the thread during this time if you are in the game.


We have a lot of people playing all over the place. I’ll be running part of this game in China, and part of it in Seoul, and will be running the game based on Chinese and Korean time zones. Some people are used to deducing deadlines by PST and EST, but sometimes even the foreign (Non-American) guys are tripped up by the math. So I’m doing something new.

I will list the deadlines in each time zone represented by our players. That way, there will be no excuses you can make for missing a phase. You will know exactly what time and date a phase will end in your area.

In order to properly sign-up, please post your time zone (or your city, state/country) in this thread when you declare that you are playing. This way, I will be able to include yours in the deadlines. If you do not, it will not be in there, and you will just have to figure it out yourself, but of course, missing two lynches in a row is still a DQ. Doing so more than once will result in a DQ and a ban.

If you want some examples of past games, check these:
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Current Sign Ups:

  1. Pimp Willy (PST - USA)*****
  2. DaRabidDuckie (CST - USA)*****
  3. highlulu*****
  4. The Co-Jones (CST - USA)
  5. BullDancer (EST - USA)*****
  6. Icege (EST - USA)*****
  7. Hecatom (CACST - El Salvador)*****
  8. RadicalFuzz (CST - USA)*****
  9. AlphaCommando (AEST - Australia)*****
  10. Oerba (CST - USA)*****
  11. infrequent lurker (EST - USA)*****
  12. orochizoolander (EST - USA)*****
  13. Manx (CST - USA)*****
  14. Bious (EST - USA)*****
  15. Vynce (EST - USA)*****
  16. NinetiesArcade (EST - USA)*****
  17. Cyntalan (PST - USA)*****
  18. The Chief (CST - USA)*****
  19. kaz (EST - USA)*****
  20. The Martian (MST - USA)*****
  21. Dramatix
  22. GodotsRevenge (PST - USA)*****
  23. WTF-AKUMA-HAX (PST - USA)*****
  24. ForgeDigger (CST - USA)*****
  25. Immaculate (PST - USA)*****

Reserve List:

  1. mrmattroxx (EST - USA)*****
  2. Syke1 (EST - USA)
  3. DandyMan90 (EST - USA)
  4. great cow lord*****
  5. Exodus. (EST - USA)*****


Sign me up! I’ll need to go watch some episodes before the game starts so I can get into the theme.

Really? Working fine for me…

It’s on minus, where would be better to rehost them?

Also, just before there’s any questions, a few people called dibs in the Loser’s Lounge of the PW game. If you also did, just let me know and you’re in.

The rest of the spots are first-come first-serve.

I’m not sure where’d be better, I don’t know much about image hosting sites. I hear “imgur” is a thing for pictures, maybe that’ll work.

And I hope I get Kenny so badly. Seems like the most annoying role to try to kill. If he was lynched he’ll be pissed at you in the thread and if he was killed at night it almost doesn’t matter.

I’m going to post up spoilers with the ability text under the pictures until I can get the pictures rehosted, just in case the rehost doesn’t work well.

Okay, all the roles have text based counterparts just in case the images keep breaking.

I’ll try to rehost on imgur.

Also, if you’re in the game, please like the OP, so it stays on top.

EDIT: Images are now rehosted on imgur. Let me know if they go down again.

Sign me up:)

Oh yeah, people haven’t done this yet (mainly because I have had to add some dibs protocol people), but:


Central Standard Time, more commonly known as one hour behind EST.

Well, I’m not sure if I’ll join in on this one seeing I only know but so many South Park characters.

Eh, if you know more than Kenny and Cartman and Chef, then you’re okay in my book.

Honestly, even if you don’t, you have a few weeks to watch some episodes to get into the mood of the game. Which I would recommend anyway with South Park.

I think you’ll have fun regardless.

Sweet, third easiest to remember for me. Korean time is one hour ahead of me, so that’s easiest. EST is 12 hours behind, so that’s pretty easy too. CST is the one I’ve spent 6/7 of my life in, and my family still lives there, so I have it memorized.

And I hope to God that isn’t the case. Honestly, civs shouldn’t kick themselves for killing Kenny, nor should he be pissed if they do. Honestly, he’s beneficial no matter what, and that’s one way for him to confirm he’s trustworthy to the civilians. “You don’t believe me? Fine, kill me, and I’ll prove it!”

Kenny, Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Chef, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Hankey, Wendy, Butters, and Randy. That’s what I have so far. I just haven’t watched the show in years.

You know enough to get a lot of the humor I’ll be using in the write-ups. You sure you don’t want in?

I’d like to request a spot. I’m on Eastern time.

I’m in.

Welcome to the madness, glad to see you got excited from the last game! :tup:

Also, if anyone wants a list of episodes to watch to get into the mood of the game, especially if you haven’t ever watched South Park or haven’t watched it in a long time, let me know, and I’ll post up some suggestions. Every episode (Save for two of them) can be streamed for free online at

I’m in the same zone as RF.