Alright, slap shits, it’s that time again. RULES HAVE CHANGED SO READ ALL OF THEM. No BS or funny shenanigans, as always. OP quoted from the first game:

? Inactivity will get you kicked/eliminated from the game. Do not bother signing up if you are not going to participate. I will enforce this hardcore. Inactivity counts as not posting AND making a lynch vote for 2 cycles. After the first cycle of inactivity, you lose your ‘No Lynch’ option. After cycle 2, you’re done.

? You MAY NOT edit your posts. Always make a new post if you want to add another thought.

? There are secret roles in this game. I will let people know through PMs if they have a secret role and what powers the role has.

? You may not post anything I have PM’d you in this thread. That is cheating and if it’s done, you are automatically eliminated from the game.

? You MAY reveal your secret role if you have one, at your own risk. It adds an extra layer of mind games to the equation. You cannot quote or refer to any PMs I have sent you AT ALL. Do not even type/mention the word ‘PM’ in that context in this game.

? MAKE SURE YOUR PM INBOX IS AS FREE OF CLUTTER AS YOU CAN MAKE IT. Especially Marvels. You’ll be communicating a lot through PM to decide who to kill in the night cycle. Not to mention I will obviously be sending PMs to people about their sides and/or roles, so you need your inbox free.

? Capcoms, you have 48 HOURS to get all votes in after the narrator has declared a day time cycle. Whoever has acquired the most votes at the end of the cycle gets lynched by the Capcoms. The amount of hours will not be extended for ANY reason, unless there is a tie in votes, in which case, civilians will be granted an extra 12 hours of deliberation. If there is still a tie, both tied players get eliminated. The FULL amount of time given in the round will pass before the Narrator continues the game, even if every single person has voted.

? Marvels and Secret Roles that are active at night, you have 12 hours to get your kill vote in. However, if you get your votes in before the given time limit has been reached, the Narrator will continue the game. If you do not get to me in time, the game will continue without a Marvel kill or Secret Role power activation. Do NOT fuck the game up for yourselves and your fellow players, please.

Refer to here for special roles and extra rules.

? The Players:
Pistol Shrimp
great cow lord
Pimp Willy
Hugh Mad
Black Jesus


Sign me up.

Oh hell yeah


A few questions

-Can the Capcomizens communicate with each other via PM? Is out-of-game game discussion (that is, discussing with people via IRC or something) with other players or non-players allowed?
-What is revealed upon player death?
-Can lynch votes be changed in the same day?

The mod is also a player?

  1. Capcoms DO NOT communicate to each other outside of this thread/game AT ALL, unless they have a special role that allows them to do so. Only Marvels PM each other.

  2. A player’s death reveals whether they were Capcom/Marvel and what their secret role is, if they have one.

  3. Yes, they can. Lynch votes can be changed any time up until the time limit.

  4. Yes, in a sense. The mod exits the game as soon as the game begins.

I’m in

I’m down, lets see how this game goes~


I am in.

Sign me up :slight_smile:

Sign me up :smiley:

I’m in

This was so much fun the past couple times. I am down. Sign me up

Sign me up please.

Sign me up, please=)


hai :smiley:

Sign me up!

Oh yeah, been waiting for this since the last one ended in such a fiasco. It really blew me away.

I’m in

If you haven’t played before, check out the last game we played and you’ll get an idea for how it works:

I’m in it to win it.

yeah, never played, rules confused me last year, but I’m hella curious. Sign me up as well, lord knows I’m around enough anyways

gah, I guess I will have to go on srk more often from now on.

sign me up. :slight_smile:

Also, No editing, right? :wink:

me too fuck it