SRK Lounge: Word On The Street Is

Word on the street is Valaris got six fingers on each hand with no middle finger to give a fuck about closing the old thread and starting a new one.

niggers aint allowed to make new lounge threads…nigga


GO signup 2012 SRK Secret Santa: Why bother since most presents won't be in before the end of the world?

That link keeps sending me to a CVS2 thread.

Tapatalk glitch?

Sent from a phone, using an app that I purchased from an App Store, that appends this signature above my signature to make me look superior in social status to everyone else.

Word on the street is I was too busy using Epidemic’s mom’s labia as earmuffs to hear about that rule.

i am glad the Lounge is back under new management. Valaris’s tyranny will be forgotten… in time…


I don’t think we cleared up what a macho man really is in the last thread

I’m getting a link to the secret santa thread on my laptop so it seems like it’s your phone fucking up.

Cool shit on moving up the year of admittance to 2009 and earlier.

Join date isn’t an auto in though. I mean if a dude with 2009 join date with 50 posts tries his luck, that’s a no go. Or if someone as universally hated as Matriach has a 2009 or earlier join date, again, no go.

Yeah I would hope so, it’s just cool now if someone like me whose been around for a bit and hasn’t shown any reason to be distrusted can now get in on that. I’m not too sure of my financial situation in the coming months so I won’t play around with the possibility of fucking someone over this year.


[details=Spoiler]“And In the future, even the future is the computers”


I was wondering when somebody would steal it from the V-Man, and who would be ballsy enough to do it.

I was gonna risk it once, then reconsidered after realizing I don’t wanna risk his wrath.

I wanna stick weird stuff in some hot chick’s shorts. Yoga pants in general because dat ass looks nice. Why am I posting thist? Why the hell not? New lounge and all that…


Every girl should be doing deadlifts and squats BECAUSE IT’S GOOD FOR THEIR BOOTY!!! and no you won’t end up looking like Schwarznegger. And of course, Yoga pants. One time though, I saw this cute asian girl wearing white shorts nothing special until my eyes/sharingan/byakugan/pew pew/doujutsu no boss start seeing her shimapan right through them. Very cute, very erotic, very sexy.

I would spank that ass until the stripes changed color on those panties. Thousand palms style!!!



He was top tier in T6. Don’t know about Tag 2 because I don’t really follow the competitive scene anymore.



There are also two Laws in the game. Papa Law and Son Law.

this lounge has some pretty big shoes to fill

WOW O_O WOW [media=youtube]TrFvAiQDuEo[/media]

edit: that vid i posted is in the light of detroit police saying its not safe for visitors in the city anymore, and blah blah. gotta find the link again


@MissingPerson If only there was a way for only up to page 28 to show up when Havatchu finally looks in on the Lounge again…

It would madlib’s sister story all over again.

Read it, considering the context did you make it up?

I seriously thought G00dy edited your post, then I looked back and skimmed it and was like…damn.

@Ayo?! Shoutouts to being a typical internet tough guy, it’s cool though, we expect it from you.

Decided to take a break from SRK over the weekend and miss some of the silliest shit so far. :frowning: