SRK Lounge ver. 20 The Wonder Twins were as useless as candles and flowers for RockB

Holy shit the voice acting in MMX7 was terrible.

damn you, val! i had that 1000th post on lock!

Form of a Starwars dvd set?

I like turtles.

I need a new keyboard

any of you guys ever break a chick off with some wack D and feel guilty?

whoah “Dixie”(Cady McClain, if I recall) just showed up on All My Children! Hell yeah… wow and she STILL looks hot. My penis rejoices.

…but the Criminal Minds marathon is still on! Ohhh this is killing me here…

wash your hands dude

Uh, get better linebackers, maybe?

lol my fb friends are mad cause i made a status that said i support bullying. everyones crying like lil girls about it, “oh what about the kid who committed suicide” or “i was bullied”

lol i think people forget without bullying, we wouldnt evolve, bullying supports the american economy, hell without bullying we wouldnt even have america. to not support bullying is to be unamerican.

Anyone here ever play GoldenEye Source? I’m sure there was a thread about it years ago, but I want to get back into playing it. They made quite a few updates since the last time I played it.

new thread already. dam

I played it about a year ago, didn’t like it. Goldeneye doesn’t work on the Source engine.

just saw this on tumblr…pretty dope. plus that piece of wood looks thick as hell. if you cant tell its bruce and brandon.

oh hell yeah U.S. Open— the lovely, delicious Ms. Ivanovic is playing right now…the opponent is Ms. Fat Booty herself, Serena!

…oooh and the wind is giving me some NICE visuals here… LAWD have mercy :eek:

see the pic of serena doin the splits yet?

Awww that’s awesome.

Nope. :cool:

I was fortunate enough to see Serena’s split as it happened right there on the broadcast. I haven’t searched the net for it yet, but I’m hoping someone got a high-quality vid or at least pictures of it from behind.

*Criminal Minds episode right now— Kevin’s father from Wonder Years is on this episode. That guy still looks like the real life Fred Flinstone to me, but I always recognize him as “Kev’s father from Wonder Years”.

lock these nutz, jerky.

that was wack… now i feel guilty :sad: