SRK Lounge V.9 Teletubbies BBQ tonight at RockB's place. He has dibs on purple

Roast that shit son.

reading that makes me realize I want some ribs this week!

Posting in this thread cause the last one got phantom closed =/

I have a headache. Fucking headache.

yeah headaches suck get more caffeinene

controlling the message

was closed to stop a revolt against ads with music

ww2 never forget

You are a headache.


Poor Thurst. In V.7 I stole the #1000th post from him, and in V.8 you don’t even let it go to #1000.

Ha we are all going to be banned for not liking the ads.

There’s going to be an large influx of Wolv players to MVC3.


Can I blame P. Gorath for that…

I think you can

lol the thread titles are getting ridiculous…

Whats a cake eater… like Rufus or Bob or something…
I love the ads… plz dont ban me :praise:
If I give you some money from my wallet… would that make things better.
Just playing I love you SRK. we can work thru this together

What exactly is a teletubbie bbq?

WTF is wrong with you…

I should have had a more “epic” final avatar for my last Premo one…oh wellz

Rockbogart is a meme now?

The saga continues.

Just finished the last of my finals. Finals CAN EAT A DICK!

Last thread didn’t even hit 1000 posts…


i know row row fight the powah