SRK Lounge "Spay or Neuter your threads" ver 3

You know how this goes.


Thats top level hype? No wonder this game is shit. How the fuck do people even have fun playing it.

So timeline wise, this version of the lounge is the Copper age. So close to the dark ages :slight_smile:

I was gonna ask, what broad you beat down this time that the police showed up at your job today.

Free tornado flame

What exactly happened to Tornado Flame? Aside from Wrestling Thread and PS3 thread I’m barely on SRK these days.

He was discussing MVC3 1 week before its release :confused: but since others beat him to being on the front page, he was banned for discussing piracy.

RIP Tornado Flame. :frowning:

Ugh, I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 7:30. Not fun. Had a string of really bad dreams and now I can’t sleep.

Me no comprende sir. The game is oodles of fun and takes a lot of fundamental knowledge just to get “decent” at it. But it would take too much unnecessary effort to convince otherwise… oh well. =/

I miss Marvel 3. Hopefully Killzone 3 will change that.

I like the mindfuck aspect of MvC3. X-factor Sent when I still have 3 characters is hilarious to me, I can feel my opponent struggling to kill atleast one of my characters. If I have a shitload of meter, I’ll just sit there keeping him in blockstun with supers until his X-factor wears off. Then, if I even feel the need to, I’ll pop X-factor and go to town. Catching assists in combos is so damn satisfying, I’ll burn two meters if I have to just to kill off the assist. Sent’s assist is so damn slow that I can punish it with super on reaction.

MvC3, I miss your combo system, your mindfuck aspect and your control of space. I also miss playing as Deadpool and Ryu with a donkey kick. I need to find a cheap copy somewhere.

MvC3 is just fun but I dunno. I go through these phases where I really want to play it but then there are times where I just don’t care. I think the only fighting game these days that will legitimately get me excited is VF.

Also dealing with random work and personal drama. Too much on my mind :confused:

man it took me a good 10 to 15 seconds to realize i had to find the new thread, then i found the dumb chair thread first, I HAD THINGS I NEEDED TO SAY, had to see the damn banner like 500 times clicking around

Send me your copy FE, I have too little on my mind so I’ll fill that void with retarded combos.

My favorite hatemail message from MvC3:

“biggest fuckin cheater ever with deadpool”

same dude sends a message 3 minutes later

“ok good gam”

WTF? :rofl:

Best ragequits are ones in ranked match, you know people are salty then. Their needs to be a penalty for ragequitting though, as of right now it’s like early SFIV where people would quit and it wouldn’t come up as a loss or win, or a disconnect percentage. Hopefully once they patch the game they speed up the menus, it’s way too slow.

Good luck finding a Ranked Match. “Failed to connect… failed to connect…”


This is your new Ihop video of the week :slight_smile:

“Online comment: The people attacking the news crew are the same type of people that are upset when no one cares if they lose a family member. The same people who will cry racism because the media won’t cover their neighborhoods and businesses won’t invest where they live.”

Ummmmm guess the race… hint!

If you have followed the previous videos, Denny’s = wXXXX, Ihop = BXXXX

My people stick to taquerias :slight_smile:

MVC3 - Opponent has been found… Connection to host has been lost :confused:

Whatever happened to Silentness? Did he finally get a random Korean chick knocked up? :rofl:

yeah, they need to fix that. It’s a bitch having to go back to arcade mode, just to find another ranked match. When is that supposed to be getting patched again?

Spay our Neuter your threads?

Imma confused…

Does this mean that Valaris thinks making a new thread every 1000 posts (lounge Neutering) is a wee bit trifling female without her girly parts?

Also, how do you guys put up with no spectator mode in 3+ man rooms in MvC3?

I’m going strictly 1 one 1, whenever I go online.

As I see it.

He comes in occasionally and posts. I don’t think he’s gotten anyone knocked up yet, but IIRC he’s had a couple of scares.

I don’t, I can do 4 man rooms at the most. What kills me is why do you have to push a button (Y of all buttons…) to save your spot in a lounge with no spectating? If there was spectating that would actually be a really good feature as some people I’m sure would like to join a lobby and just watch. I’m sure you can say “if they have to leave then they won’t keep everyone waiting” but if you have to leave then leave the lobby too. I can understand not having spectating to help with lag also, but do one or the other - spectating with spot saving button or no spectating and if you’re in the lobby you’re in.

Fucking canadians. Always putting U’s where they don’t belong.