SRK Lounge 11 Petition to get RockB's Black card back

Best believe next thread whitey will keep you down again.

… that’s it?

The new title, I mean.

You happy now? Fucking affirmative action…

Your lack of being amused makes it kind of funny now. :lol:

Personally that’s why I found it funny.

Damn, Val. Three title changes in less than 30 minutes? Save them for the next lounge threads, man.

Meh, I’ll think of something else. Not like RockB’s getting his black card back anytime soon.

actually that sounds like the best title…

wait there were other titles, i feel like i missed out.

Something about RockB’s mom and he felt it was wrong. Even after I changed it to other people’s mom.

I also missed out

Fuck being sick…it’s been raining for a week straight

come on val, you know black people love they moms,

you can only pick on a white dude’s mom and sometimes asian

:rofl: At the thread title.

The next one should be something about how Rock doesn’t eat chicken skin. But yeah, Rock ain’t gettin’ that black card no time soon lol.

A couple things I wanted to reply to in the other thread before it was closed:

How do people at this point not understand the appeal of nice calves after Shaft Agent’s multiple attempts to get people to see why they’re attractive to him? It took me a time or two to understand it, but after I did, there’s no looking back. Skinny chicken legs suck on a girl.

I could see why some guys would ask “Why does it matter?”

In that picture Shaft posted, I’m pretty sure that without looking at the rest of the figure on both women, most of you here would prefer the one on the right visually right? The problem that’s been getting everybody from seeing his point is when you guys look at the rest of the figure. A chick could have Esther Baxter’s body but Miley Cirus’ legs, and 97% of y’all wouldn’t care about the legs. But from the knee down, if you took those same legs and compared them to say Michelle Ryan, I’m pretty sure everyone here would pick Michelle Ryan.

How hard is it to understand the fetish? Stop looking at the rest of the body and look at the legs for once!


Power Rangers still going strong… they’ve kept the tradition of having hot female rangers, and the “extra ranger” that just joined the team is interesting/entertaining, so I’m definitely hooked on it again. They also kept the old tradition of the extra ranger having his own special morphing style/sequence.

The unfortunate thing is that Nickelodeon is airing it… so it’s easy to forget since that network is borderline worthless to the average person. Besides the new PR, Victorious (The Ariana Grande Show!) is the only other thing of interest to me.

Oh and that picture that was posted at the end of the last thread— the one on the right had superior shape. The left one had toothpick legs.

*the latest dog food commercial just reminded me of how incredibly stupid and goofy poodles look.

(has still done nothing constructive with his time)

I wonder if that diabetes testing supply guy is even still alive. I haven’t seen one of those commercials in at least a couple of years, even with the increased amount of TV I watch now. Hunh.

Oh, also, I might as well issue fair warning here: A massive Disney post will probably end up going-up over the weekend. If anyone who isn’t SWBeta gets their eyes raped by the sheer amount of text, then that person has himself to blame.

I still follow PRS but it’s hard sometimes when you have it next to Gokaiger which is just so much better.

agreed Gokaiger is that hot ish.

red ranger in Samurai just annoyed the hell out of me.

I want to taste real unprocessed Maple Syrup, but a thimbleful costs so much money, it might as well be the new liquid gold.

kaz shouldn’t be talking about anyone’s black card with his ol’ non-greens eating-ass.

Posted while sipping on purple Kool-Aid

what do you mean unprocessed? Like straight from teh tree? or just boiled down?