SRK kaillera server

okay since many of you players server-hop would it be a good idea to consider having a server for shoryuken players?

unless you are rich and can pay for servers for pacific, central, and east, then i dont think so :stuck_out_tongue:

A central server would work best here. A middle ground for more than half the country.

Daroms texas works wonders whenever I want toplay somebody on the east coast.

DaRoms is stubborn and won’t upgrade their server software though. You can’t play on LAN there and Excellent has ghosting and other issues.

Which is why a central srk server would work wonders :slight_smile:

I agree

Well im not that wealthy to just go out and buy some Quad-Opteron server im just suggesting if this would be a good idea

yes yes yes…IMO there are some good SRK peeps on kaillera…i would say this would be great for them and hopefully no assholes would join the server just to annoy the good players

maybe it could be private?

it would be awesome to have a SRK server, im sick of playing these people that are just random and dont know how to play